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The tale of Page's bug

Today was mostly a day for Christmas shopping, so I will tell about Page's new toy. When we went Christmas shopping on Monday, we found these neat little cat toys called Nano Toys or something from the people that make Hexbug. It's a little robotic insect-looking thing with a piece of shaggy cloth attached to it by a string, and when you turn it on, it vibrates, which makes it "walk" on its multiple arthropod legs. We thought it was super cool, so we bought one for Page.

Later that day, when Page seemed interested in Doin' Stuff, we pulled it out and turned it on for her. She was fascinated (but not instantly; at first she almost didn't seem to even notice it until it ran into her), and it quickly became her favorite toy. She liked it so much, she even forgot about asking us to let her outside--she just wanted to watch that bug move around, and maybe pounce on it occasionally, if the mood struck.

Then came Tuesday, when we were expecting Gaston to show up. We expected him earlier, but he got stuck in traffic, got stuck talking to German ladies at the Alpine Village where he likes to buy Christmas stuff, just generally got stuck taking longer than usual. Meanwhile, we were trying to figure out how to entertain ourselves while we waited, but Page knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to play with her bug.

So we turned on the bug and let her play with it while we ate granola bars...and then we started to hear a hum. Humming is what usually happens when the bug gets stuck somewhere, but this particular humming was louder and more gravelly. Eventually we finished eating and got up to see what all the fuss was about, and we found Page stationed by the oven. She meowed at us to let us know that yes, the bug had in fact found its way under the oven.

It was right about then that Gaston finally arrived. Athena went out to meet him and explain the situation while I went to get a coat hanger to see if I could retrieve Page's toy. I could not. But we were already running late, so I opened the under-oven drawer to allow the bug a little more room to escape, apologized to Page and left the bug to either find its way back or wear itself out under the oven.

Then we went to Disneyland and had a great time, and we even managed to get on It's A Small World right about at midnight, even though it's a fifteen minute ride and midnight was when the park closed. As we walked back from It's A Small World to Main Street, somehow the topic of batteries got brought up, and Gaston started talking about his scientist uncle who has recently been experimenting with the explosive properties of lithium batteries. Apparently they blow up pretty spectacularly.

The conversation suddenly reminded me that we had left Page's toy on, and now I was unreasonably afraid of explosions (lithium batteries are the rechargeable kind; the battery in the bug is just a little 1.5 volt). So I was relieved to discover that our apartment was still standing when we got home. Gaston removed the oven drawer and shined a flashlight in the recess. The bug had made it all the way to the wall and got itself stuck between the wall and one of the oven pipes. I was able to retrieve it, but of course by now the battery was completely dead.

So today we bought new batteries, and the bug lives again! Hurray!

Today I'm thankful for having a fun new toy for Page, managing to get the right size battery for it, Gaston helping us rescue the toy from under the oven, having all our Christmas shopping done, and having pretty Christmas cards for our Primary classes.
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