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We're ba-ack!

Ha, ha, ha, we did not mean to disappear for so long. We knew we would miss Tuesday, because we had plans to go to Disneyland with Gaston. What we didn't realize was that Gaston's plans involved being at Disneyland longer than we expected on Wednesday. Then there was some stress about our holiday plans that caused several explosions and prevented us from doing much other than finish the one chapter of UQ Holder! we had to translate. We finally got back to Noragami today, and for better or worse, the edit is going at about the normal pace for Noragami edits.

As for Disneyland, a lot of fun stuff happened, but I'm not sure I'll be able to remember it all. The first thing worth mentioning was that we went back to the Jingle Jangle Jamboree, because we all had a mind to decorate some cookies. This would be a more interesting thing to post about if I weren't too lazy to upload the pictures, but I will say that an overzealousness with the red sugar sprinkles resulted in what looked like a murdered Mickey snowman. Gaston, of course, had the most intricately decorated cookie.

Upon eating the cookies, we all decided they weren't the best cookies around, and we would likely never do that again (but if I know us, we might forget about this and do it again in a few years). Gaston hated the cookie the most and was convinced he'd had a sugar overload. We didn't feel the same way about the cookies themselves--it was more the cups of leftover frosting mixed with leftover sprinkles that we thought was a little much.

By the time we finished overdosing on sugar, the Plight Before Christmas show was over and Mrs. Claus was going around visiting with guests. She came by our table and noticed the cookie that had been left on the table before we got there (it was busy that day; it was take a table with stuff on it or have no table at all), which had been beheaded. She asked us what the deal was, and we told her we didn't know; it was there before we got there. She suggested perhaps it was the Queen of Hearts' cookie. We all agreed that was the most logical conclusion.

Then we caught Mickey and Minnie dancing with each other for a minute before heading backstage. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my camera out in time for that. But anyway, as they left the jamboree venue, they seemed to get into a rather heated discussion, Mickey indicating that he loves Minnie dearly, Minnie demanding to know where the ring is, Mickey remembering that he left it back stage and he was just going to pop back and get it, Minnie getting upset, Goofy stepping in to prevent violence... They've probably gotten over it by now.

Then we went on Pirates of the Caribbean and got unreasonably wet. I guess that's what happens when you put three adults in the front row--they get unreasonably wet.

And then we managed to see all three nighttime spectaculars! The cast members told us that the times were different, and we were like, "Gu-wah?" Fantasmic! has been at nine o'clock and ten-thirty for the last twenty-plus years! But it all worked out, because with the old times, we never would have been able to see all three shows in one night. And, thanks to the new Fantasmic! ticketing system, we ended up in an area we didn't usually consider, and it turned out to be one of the best places to watch Fantasmic! from (if a little farther from the action than we're used to).

While we were waiting for Fantasmic! to start, Gaston was commenting on how one cast member was not really answering his question as to why we could sit on these stairs but not those stairs, and we facetiously suggested she was just doing as she was told because, "Ours is not to question why; ours is but to do or die." And Gaston was like, "She's not a marine!" So I thought, "I bet if I asked a cast member, 'You're in the marines, aren't you?', they'd play along." And I asked the nearest cast member that very question. He seemed like the type who totally would have played along, too, except for one very important factor: he was actually in the Air Force. But that turned out to have a happy ending, because Gaston has relatives in the Air Force, too, so they had a fun time chatting about Air Force things.

The next day, we mostly just sat on Main Street and watched the characters. We were sitting on a bench along Pluto's path to go backstage, and as he left, he asked each of us to give him ten. So Athena did, and I did, and Gaston tried but Pluto pulled his hands away, so Gaston didn't trust him when he was like, "No, for real this time," and asked Pluto to give him ten instead. A couple minutes later, Pluto came back, and Gaston was like, "Watch, it's gonna be as if he doesn't even know us!" And sure enough, Pluto walked past us without a second thought. So we spent some time discussing the short term memory of dogs.

About fifteen minutes later, Pluto took a short backstage break again, and when he came back he asked us all to give him ten again. We were all like, "Yeah! That's the Pluto I know!" Athena said to him, "You got your memory back!" and we all laughed (including Pluto, but silently). Fifteen minutes later, he left for another backstage break, and Athena and I gave him ten again, but Gaston refused. Pluto looked hurt as he went off to take another break, but it's okay; he didn't remember when he came back.

By then we decided we'd been sitting long enough, so we headed over to California Adventure to check out Viva Navidad stuff again. This time, they had two-dimensional paper maracas to color, but they had the Three Caballeros logo in color already, which also meant that the paper was glossy and didn't take too kindly to crayon wax. We persevered, and I said, "See! You can get color on it!" and Gaston took his fingernail and scratched off where I'd colored! So I tattled on him to the nearest cast members, who didn't know what to do with him. We did eventually get our maracas all colored, just in time for the music and dancing to start.

Then we went to Ghirardelli's to try the chocolate bar infused milkshakes, which turned out to be less of a good idea than we'd hoped. They just stick some ice cream, milk, and candy bars in a blender and mix them all up, but the chocolate is not proper ice cream chocolate, and so gets frozen and plasticky. Ah well, lesson learned.

Finally, we went back to Disneyland for Wednesdays with Walt, where we got to see the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort special from 1962. It was really cool, and showed the grand openings of the attractions that opened that year. After that, we went to It's A Small World to see the one Christmas thing Gaston hadn't seen yet that he wanted to see (he's not interested in the parade for some reason): the It's A Small World projection show. I don't know what it's called. They project images onto It's A Small World. It's kind of neat.

Then it was time to go home. The end.

Today I'm thankful for getting to decorate cookies at the Jingle Jangle Jamboree, getting to try the Quake Shakes, Page's new toy not exploding into fiery doom while we were gone (that's a tale for another day), managing to finish that chapter of UQ Holder!, and making decent progress on Noragami.
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