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Today is a day of being tired. Or wanting to be tired...or actually being tired and wanting to do something to alleviate the tiredness, but having to do stuff anyway, only maybe not really. See, our plan was to work on Noragami today so we could take Monday off and sleep in. We didn't sleep in this morning because it's our ward's turn to clean the church building, and we like to only sleep in on days when we don't have work. Hence, work on Noragami today, make the weekend a Sunday-Monday thing instead.

Then we got home from cleaning the church (and also buying groceries), and we were Tired. So tired we didn't want to do anything at all, except eat chocolate and cake. (We bought hot cocoa cookies at the store (they're like the regular sugar cookies with frosting that you get at the store, only with chocolate frosting instead of pastel vanilla).) But then we checked our email and there was yet another job offer. And we wanted to accept it, and we think we have time, but just to be sure, we decided we should work on Noragami after all. Only we haven't heard back about the job offer, so we're not convinced it wasn't an illusion. Who sends job offers on Saturday anyway, right?

But anyway, we finished our first draft of Noragami 4, and it was fun as usual. Adachitoka is doing a really good job of maintaining Yato's ridiculousness while at the same time having very serious things happening, and yet Yato's ridiculousness fits right in.

And speaking of Noragami! We were excited to see it on the manga bestseller list for the third week in a row...only it wasn't. It was volume one, back for a fifth week! (Noragami 2 was on the list last week and the week before that.) We're not sure what that means, but we're pretty sure it's good. Maybe it means volume two was on its way to bestselling, but then everybody was like, "Wait, maybe I should read the first volume first." At any rate, we're glad it's doing well!

And now we are Tired. And we're going to go lie around and be Tired. Or finish preparing our Primary lessons, or maybe practice music because we have a choir performance in a week, and I was just recruited to play the piano for a special musical number tomorrow morning.

Today I'm thankful for hot cocoa cookies (although I suspect if we tried to make them actually hot, we'd melt all the frosting off, and then they wouldn't really be cocoa; it's okay, though, because we like our hot cocoa chilled anyway), getting to work on Noragami some more, the illusive job offer (whether it was an illusion or not, we win!), the adorableness of the latest episode (from last Sunday) of Wolf Girl and the Black Prince, and dreams of one day getting enough sleep (our ward starts meeting at eleven in January!).
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