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Well, today we finally got to work on Noragami again! As usual, it's a lot of fun...and promises to be a very time-consuming edit. So far, in addition to looking up the usual Shinto stuff, we also have a bit where we're going to need to look up anatomy, and another bit where we're going to need to look into botany. It's kind of exciting! Except for the anatomy part, because we're squeamish. ...And there are many places in the dialogue that we're probably going to sit and stare at for a long time as we try to come up with good-sounding lines. Ah, ha, ha. We're still having a hard time with Bishamon's speech pattern.

Other than that, we're just happy that today is a day when we have time to do stuff other than work and go be social. Although we are having enough fun with work that I probably wouldn't mind working longer. Maybe we will. At the rate things are going, we'll finish work early on Monday. We have a lot of work coming up, so it seems like a bad idea to take the rest of the day off, but Gaston (who dearly loves the holidays at Disneyland Resort) is coming on Tuesday, and we just don't like the idea of doing only a little bit of work on something new before we get interrupted. Starting the Noragami edit (or the edit on the series we worked on yesterday) only to get interrupted sounds even worse. So if we finish our first draft of Noragami today...

Speaking of ellipses, I keep wanting to have a public service announcement about them. Dear public: an ellipsis is used to indicate a pause, omitted parts of a quote, or a trailing off. Please do not put an ellipsis at the end of a sentence unless you want everyone to assume you have more to say and are refraining from saying it.

I feel like we had some hand in the spread of ellipsis-misuse, though. We used to have a major ellipsis problem, and I think we got it from Nakayoshi. Even as early as Kamichama Karin, we had editors telling us to lay off on the ellipses. We were just copying the Japanese! Japanese is kind of the language of trailing off, so it makes more sense I guess. But anyway, about four years ago, we took a translation test for a company, and we failed it! And part of why we failed is that we wouldn't cool it with the ellipses. Ever since then, we've been very careful about ellipsis placement, but now we see people ending sentences with ellipses for no discernible reason, and all we can think is, "I'm sorry." Well, I'm sorry and, "Rrrraaaarrrrr!!" Because we're short-tempered like that.

Today I'm thankful for the one very helpful style guide that taught us how best to deal with ellipses (which we read after failing that test, of course), getting to work on Noragami today, rain, delivery guys who do their job even in the rain, and having more shiny new books to look forward to working on (as well as comp copies of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days volume 5).
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