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Alethea & Athena
12th-Dec-2014 04:32 pm
Well, today we finally got to work on Noragami again! As usual, it's a lot of fun...and promises to be a very time-consuming edit. So far, in addition to looking up the usual Shinto stuff, we also have a bit where we're going to need to look up anatomy, and another bit where we're going to need to look into botany. It's kind of exciting! Except for the anatomy part, because we're squeamish. ...And there are many places in the dialogue that we're probably going to sit and stare at for a long time as we try to come up with good-sounding lines. Ah, ha, ha. We're still having a hard time with Bishamon's speech pattern.

Other than that, we're just happy that today is a day when we have time to do stuff other than work and go be social. Although we are having enough fun with work that I probably wouldn't mind working longer. Maybe we will. At the rate things are going, we'll finish work early on Monday. We have a lot of work coming up, so it seems like a bad idea to take the rest of the day off, but Gaston (who dearly loves the holidays at Disneyland Resort) is coming on Tuesday, and we just don't like the idea of doing only a little bit of work on something new before we get interrupted. Starting the Noragami edit (or the edit on the series we worked on yesterday) only to get interrupted sounds even worse. So if we finish our first draft of Noragami today...

Speaking of ellipses, I keep wanting to have a public service announcement about them. Dear public: an ellipsis is used to indicate a pause, omitted parts of a quote, or a trailing off. Please do not put an ellipsis at the end of a sentence unless you want everyone to assume you have more to say and are refraining from saying it.

I feel like we had some hand in the spread of ellipsis-misuse, though. We used to have a major ellipsis problem, and I think we got it from Nakayoshi. Even as early as Kamichama Karin, we had editors telling us to lay off on the ellipses. We were just copying the Japanese! Japanese is kind of the language of trailing off, so it makes more sense I guess. But anyway, about four years ago, we took a translation test for a company, and we failed it! And part of why we failed is that we wouldn't cool it with the ellipses. Ever since then, we've been very careful about ellipsis placement, but now we see people ending sentences with ellipses for no discernible reason, and all we can think is, "I'm sorry." Well, I'm sorry and, "Rrrraaaarrrrr!!" Because we're short-tempered like that.

Today I'm thankful for the one very helpful style guide that taught us how best to deal with ellipses (which we read after failing that test, of course), getting to work on Noragami today, rain, delivery guys who do their job even in the rain, and having more shiny new books to look forward to working on (as well as comp copies of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days volume 5).
12th-Dec-2014 09:49 pm (UTC)
Noragami yay!!!! (okay, I'll finish reading the rest of the post now.)

Now to continue my comment: I forgot, but I have the Japanese Noragami books up through 6, so I can totally read ahead if I want to. But I won't, because that spoils later fun. But I may try to find the botany stuff you're talking about in this volume :D Plants♥! (are they creepy plants? hmmmm :) ) I know you'll do a great job with Bishamon's dialogue!! (and everything else!

Oh, ellipses. I use them rather freely... (I do actually try to take some of them out though, when I notice myself getting carried away!) But I also do most of my work for the publisher that wants ellipses everywhere the Japanese uses them, and also wherever a line gets broken up between bubbles (the latter rule is my personal preference as well). So I'm blind to their overuse, unless it's like REALLY ridiculous. I'm surprised a company would fail your translations for ellipsis-overuse though! Something like that should be a fairly simple fix, if the translation is otherwise good!

I'm jealous of your KH Days comps :( Mine I guess run a month behind because I asked to have them sent in collected shipments, rather than a separate box for each different title, which can get silly when I letter five books for a given month. (I took out an ellipsis there, I'd like you to know :) ) But that was my own choice, so I can't really complain. Meanwhile Kodansha doesn't send me comps until weeks(?) after the book is on shelves, so I am still anxiously awaiting Noragami 2 even though I had it IN MY HAND at Kinokuniya this weekend!! *cries and cries*

Edited at 2014-12-13 01:26 am (UTC)
12th-Dec-2014 11:21 pm (UTC)
That's exactly how we feel about reading ahead! It spoils the fun! (I think we have through nine or so now, but we haven't read any of them. The other reason we don't read them is lack of time and Kingdom Hearts.) No, the plants are completely normal this time around. Kinda unexpected from a series like this, now that you mention it.

Haha, you're fine on ellipses. What specifically prompted me to want to post about them is an email we got from one of our altos. She asked for the music for the piece we were doing, and we didn't know if she meant the sheet music or the audio music files that Athena made to help everyone learn their parts, so we sent her the audio files, and a link to where she could get the sheet music, and she said something like, "Thanks, I have the sheet music..." And we were like, "What!? Why is that ellipsis there? What are you not saying?" I mean, it's not like the ellipsis was there to indicate wistfulness or something. And we see that kind of thing on, like, those inspirational quote graphics that people like to share on Facebook. And we think, "No! Lose that ellipsis! Inspirational quotes are supposed to be assertive!"

Technically, it wasn't the company itself that failed us, but the one specific reviewer who failed us (there was another one that said, "It's alright. Could use fewer ellipses," and that was it, but we still didn't get that job), and s/he had (nitpicky, if you ask us) reasons other than ellipses. It all worked out in the end, though. There's a lot more to that story that we may tell one day... (<--wistful ellipsis, looking into the unspecified future)

Oh my goodness, Kodansha comp copies. We don't even remember the last time we got comp copies from them. If it makes you feel better, for all we know English Noragami doesn't exist, because we have never seen a copy in real life. I wonder if it has something to do with the royalties department (who called when we finally filled out the form for direct deposit, because they noticed that address didn't match the one they had on record; we don't get royalties, but we do get comp copies, so I can see that being the same department).
12th-Dec-2014 11:40 pm (UTC)
Oh, that is an odd place for an ellipsis. I mostly use them for wistful trailings-off, which probably look ambiguous and/or necessary most of the times I use them. But it's kind of subconscious at this point. My writing needs more discipline! Less wish-wash!

I do want to know the rest of your story now. Or someday.(..)

I asked about v2 recently but was told they (the editor/office) didn't have them in yet, even though it was only a week or two before the book was supposed to be out. And I think I asked for v1 at least three times before I got my copies. Am I supposed to receive my comps from another department?? I don't get iiiit~ I'm sorry you haven't even seen volume 1, or any of your other recent books! I know you mentioned your change of address possibly being a reason before, but maybe something's wrong with their system.
13th-Dec-2014 09:59 pm (UTC)
Haha, yeah, nothing wrong with wistfulness. We're prone to using wistful ellipses ourselves, and we haven't noticed an overabundance of ellipses in your writing.

I don't know who's in charge of sending comp copies, but I think going through the editor should be fine, because even if they're not the right person, they know who the right person is (theoretically). If we understood it, we'd probably have more comp copies. (As it is, we don't have room anyway.)
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