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Well this week has been a little odd. We were all ready to start working on Noragami 4 yesterday, but before we got to work, we had an email from the editor on one of our new titles, asking if we could do volume one reallyreallyfast. He gave us a whole week, and we don't have any other rush things going on (yet...?), so we figured it would be no problem, and we got to work!

...Then we got the files for the newest UQ Holder!, so we did that instead, and then we went to Wednesdays with Walt. We wanted to go early so we'd have time to look around Downtown Disney and see about buying Christmas presents for people. We figured it would be okay, because we were making good progress on the new thing, and we still had a whole week. Wednesdays with Walt was really neat, too; they showed the 1966 episode of The Wonderful World of Color, which was "Disneyland Around the Seasons." It had footage from the opening of It's A Small World, as well as the Christmas Fantasy parade from fifty years ago, before they had the super speaker system that allowed for a more unified musical score. Each section of the parade had to have its own musical accompaniment. It was fascinating.

We didn't find any Christmas presents, so we came home and finished our UQ Holder! translation.

This morning, we were already to get back to work on the new thing and make lots of progress, maybe even finish a first draft and get it done before the weekend is through. But before we got to work, we had an email from that same editor saying actually, it turns out we don't need it reallyreallyfast after all. That kind of threw us for a loop, and we weren't sure what to do with ourselves for a while. Our new deadline is two weeks after our Noragami deadline, so it makes sense to work on Noragami, but we already started on the new thing, and even though we did interrupt it for UQ Holder!, UQ Holder! is kind of a special case, and we didn't want the interruption to continue. It was also just really weird for us, because we feel like the last month or so has been one rush job after another, so to have one suddenly canceled...I guess it's kind of like in A Bug's Life when the leaf falls in the middle of the ant trail and the ants get all confused.

Ultimately, we decided to finish our first draft. There's some information we're going to need from our editor before we can finalize the script, so if we get that before we get started tomorrow, then maybe we'll finish the whole thing first. If not, we'll get started on Noragami, because between drafts seems like a reasonable stopping place. On the other hand, if too much time passes between the rough draft and the edit, we'll forget all the reasons we highlighted certain places. That can be a good thing sometimes, because sometimes the highlight is just second-guessing, so we see it and go, "What was even wrong with it? I don't know; just leave it." But sometimes we highlighted something because we needed to double check the meaning of a line of text, or we need to do more research to make sure we translated it correctly, etc. etc. And when we forget to check those things, that's a problem.

Oh well. We'll see.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft of the new title, having a ride to the Relief Society activity tonight, getting intel for Christmas gifts, getting to see a neat Wednesdays with Walt presentation, and the hope of maybe having time to play Kingdom Hearts tomorrow at the latest.
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