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I have a dream...

So maybe it wasn't the best of ideas to take time off from translating to watch Smallville and Everwood, but at least we've managed to keep our sanity another day. Athena says, "I dream of a day when we can translate two pages in an hour."

We got a whole one and half during one of the hours we worked... of course that hour was a little longer, since the CD was actually...I think an hour and 13 minutes, but I'm not sure. It's those long sentences, man. They're killer. I actually am very happy that we get to do this job, though, so I really should stop complaining.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I thought I was dreading it, but I'm actually curious to see what the effects of translating for an entire day without interruptions may be, since yesterday we had to wait for the book and today we had to go to 99cents Only store. But we're out of catfood, so I guess we won't get to find out, since we have to figure out some way to get to a grocery store.

I think Mom is avoiding us, but it might have just been bad timing. I just wanted to mention it so it would be on the record if I'm right. That sounds horrible, but I'm really just curious to know how good (or bad) I am at analyzing people.

Celeste and her friends went to a midnight showing of Harry Potter tonight, all dressed up of course. Man, I wish we could do something like that. We need Fred and George sweaters. That would be awesome. Then we'd have to get short red wigs, because there's no way we're cutting or dying our hair. We could be Parvati and Padma, but Fred and George are way cooler. Maybe I should make "dragon skin" jackets. I wonder what kind of material would make a good substitute for the real thing.

And tonight I'm thankful for short sentences, breaks, My Little Ponies, the ability to use my legs, and bears.
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