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Chipmunk dance-off

We're starting to wonder if it's gotten to the point in many manga translators' careers that they realize they don't really enjoy translating, or that, since it's been "work" for so long, they can't associate it with fun anymore or something. Because we got home from Disneyland and found another new series offer. We're very grateful that we're getting so many new titles lately--especially because we totally love our job--we just marvel that they're coming all at once like this.

Speaking of Disneyland, we had a really good time yesterday. It was mostly a typical day at Disneyland with Gaston and Alice, but there are some things worth posting about. First off, we went to the Viva Navidad! celebration area and found the craft section. At Disneyland, "craft" means "coloring" usually, and we wanted to know what they had available to decorate with crayons. When we found out the the craft offering was paper crowns, we all had to color one. The design was a pretty intricate one--the main picture was the Three Caballeros riding what appeared to be a flying serape (complete with many stripes), each with a guitar on his back, and the band was decorated with pictures of holly and poinsettias and sparkles and a sine curve border (or cosine, if you prefer). So we were sitting there for probably about an hour coloring. Then we took pictures of our masterpieces and proceeded to wear the crowns all day long.

After that, we would frequently have cast members compliment our headwear (Gaston wore his on top of his regular hat), but the best was when we went on roller coasters. Of course we didn't want them falling off or getting blown away, so we took them off for the ride, but when the ride came to an end, all four of us put our crowns back on with absolutely no prompting from anyone else. (There was also a bit of an incident on Space Mountain, because Gaston remembered to take off his regular hat, but forgot that his crown was on top of it. The crown fell onto the landing platform on the exit side of the ride, and a kind guest picked it up as he disembarked and handed it to the cast member, who held onto it until we got back.)

We went back to the Jingle Jangle Jamboree to watch the melodrama again (now I know the whole title is "The Plight Before Christmas or No Home for the Holly Day"). This time, Holly Day was played by a different actress, who seemed to embrace the goofier side of the writing more than the other Miss Day (which is kind of important, since Miss Day's entrance starts with the narrator saying something about footsteps (STOMP STOMP STOMP)--delicate, feminine footsteps (step step step)). I liked it because when she had to rescue herself, she was more matter of fact about it and less "look at me I'm breaking stereotypes."

But the important thing is that after the show, we hung out for a while watching the characters interact with guests, and that's when the super coolness happened. Neither of us remembers what started it, but it looked like Chip and Dale were getting ready to have a dance off. That's when we had to leave our seats and get closer to watch the action. They took turns showing off a few steps, and then the audience voted for the winner. (Steps I remember being displayed: the robot, the sprinkler, the shopping cart, and the Charleston.) One of the attending cast members told us to cheer to vote for Chip (I happen to be somewhat partial to Chip; I don't know if there was any reasoning behind it, but many many years ago, Athena and I decided that I was Chip and she was Dale), so we cheered, and Dale looked very sad and dejected, so we all voted for Dale, too, and it was a tie! Yay!

Then! they showed off a few more steps, Mickey briefly joined the action (he ran into the circle, struck a disco pose, and ran off again), Chip and Dale led us all in the Wave, and then Chip started doing the Macarena. After going around once, Alice was getting ready to go dance with him, but before she could, Chip recruited all of us, and we had a nice group of Disneyland guests dancing the Macarena with Chip (with basically no music, unless you count the ambient music that was probably some guitar arrangement of a Christmas carol, which we were all ignoring). (Gaston hung back and either took pictures or recorded it, and he says that Dale came in and danced behind us all.) Then Chip gave each of us a hug (not all the guests; just us and Alice), and we parted ways. It was one of the best things ever.

Other things of note: we got to try the maple apple cake (it was tasty but we don't like eating fruit and cake together (the apples weren't as much of a problem as the abundance of Craisins)), we learned how to draw Scrooge McDuck at the Animation Academy (the "only" angry character they teach (the quotes on "only" are because we've seen Gaston and Alice's drawings of Grumpy from the Animation Academy)--until Christmas, after which point they'll draw him happy; I ended up with two pencils somehow, and that reminded me of double-wielding Keyblade holders, so I tried drawing Scrooge with each hand; needless to say the left-hand drawing came out better, but the right-hand one was surprisingly not terrible), and when we got some caramel popcorn at a popcorn stand we noticed the stand had salt shakers so we turned it into salted caramel popcorn (or the top layer of it anyway).

We also saw the holiday version of World of Color for the first time, but we did not enjoy it very much. It started out with a song from Frozen, but I was prepared for that so it was okay. After that, they implied that they would have beautiful classical Christmas music...and then they showed Toy Story Nutcracker. So the music was beautiful and classical (until the Russian Dance morphed into a country arrangement), but the lack of Fantasia visuals (or at least some extra cool water effects) was aggravating. It has long been our opinion that of all the Disney shows in existence, World of Color should be the most closely tied to Fantasia, since they're both supposedly about visual effects matching music, but we guess it's more about cool visual effects and some music that may or may not match. There were more Frozen songs, including a hilarious audience reaction when the intro to Let it Go started playing. There was an audible gasp, about half of which was of the "ooh yay!" sort while the other half was of the "ugh I have to hear this again?" sort. (We did not gasp because duh.)

And there was a really odd arrangement of See the Light from Tangled, that had me going, "What did you do to it?" And all the lights were the same color as the lanterns from Tangled, and we were like, "Okay, World of Color. Why is it all the same color?" On the other hand, it might be a neat concept if each segment in world of color had kind of a limited color palette, and then they blended them all for a rainbow at the end.

In short, there was a lot of music we didn't care for and the visuals weren't interesting enough to make up for it, so we were kind of grumpy by the end. But the artificial snowflake effect was pretty neat, even if the snowflakes did look a little chunky.

After that, we hurried back to Disneyland to watch the fireworks, which were sooooo much better (the music is more to our liking and the fireworks match the music almost perfectly). When the show was over, we spent a few minutes chatting with an Australian family, and then the crowds were still milling slowly about (we were in the middle of the street between two sets of trolley tracks, so the crowds naturally flowed around us), so we waited until they started to get more aggressive, at which point we sought refuge in the clothing store.

So we wandered briefly through the clothing store and suddenly I caught sight of the tell tale cast member costume that indicated there was a celebrity around. It was so sudden, I didn't realize how incredibly close we were, which might be why I didn't stop myself from blurting out, "That's Tom Bergeron." Afterward I felt kind of bad, because what if I'd accidentally gotten a bunch of people to mob him, thus making his vacation at least a little less fun? But he was able to keep walking on unmolested, so all's well that end's well. If I read it right, the look on his face said, "I just heard my name and I'm a nice guy so I wouldn't mind talking to that person but there are too many people here and I have to keep a low profile so la la la I'm not listening." I think I was like three feet away from him.

After that, we looked at Christmas tree ornaments for a little while, and then we left the park. Gaston and Alice retrieved their things and started the long drive back home. We were a little sad to see them go, but we all have other things to do than go to Disneyland all the time.

Today I'm thankful for knowing what's going on with the Primary Board get-together tonight (our ride just called to let us know we do in fact have one), getting to dance the Macarena with Chip and Dale, having lovely Viva Navidad crowns, running into a celebrity that we actually recognize at Disneyland, and having another lovely day with our friends.
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