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Lazy Sunday

For us, today is mostly a day of just sitting around and relaxing. It was also the first day I taught Primary, which I mostly only bring up because it involves an amusing story. Attendance was very low today, and Athena and I each ended up with one student. So I went into the classroom with my student, and he was sitting there with his Ninja Turtle figure, and I introduced myself, and since we'd met before, I said, "You're [kid's name], right?" He confirmed, and I indicated his action figure and said, "And that's Leonardo." His eyes got a little bigger and he said, "How did you know?" It was super cute. We may have spent more class time than appropriate talking about Ninja Turtles.

Other than that, nothing particularly exciting is happening. As I mentioned yesterday, Gaston and Alice are coming over later for Disneyland stuff. The current plan is for them to meet us at the stake center, where we'll all watch the Christmas devotional (that will be streamed online here at 6:00pm Mountain Standard Time).

Today I'm thankful for getting chocolate chip cookies as a result of Bread Day, not having to walk to church today, the Primary president giving me a totebag so I can carry all my big book books (hymnal, Primary songbook, choir binder, and Primary lesson manual), having plans to watch the Christmas devotional, and the Type-0 Facebook page finally making Jack wallpaper available for download (still waiting for Ace...).
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