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Busy little bees

We have been busy little bees this Saturday! We woke up early to help clean the church, then we came home and cleaned our apartment (after spending a lot of time on Kingdom Hearts [chi]), and then we went to a baptism to help with the music (it was kind of extra neat this time because it was a pair of twins being baptized), and then we practiced the number we're hoping to have the choir sing for Christmas. Of course we chose Angels We Have Heard on High, because it's Christmas and it's a choir! It may not have been the best choice, since it's kind of (but only kind of) important that all four parts get sung and our tenors don't have a great track record, but we're hoping that the parts being so different will help them not to get too attracted to the melody. And it's Christmas and a choir! You have to sing Angels We Have Heard on High!

In the midst of all that, Gaston called. He's ready to come see the Christmas lights at Disneyland again, so the plan is for him and Alice to come down tomorrow for Disneyland fun on Monday. I'm hoping we get to have lunch at the Taste Pilots' Grill, because they have a maple apple cake for the holidays, and the idea intrigues me. Plus they have great chili burgers. And Gaston is already planning to come back again next week. We are going to be very busy indeed. But it will be a fun busy, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for getting all our chores done, having a really fun arrangement of Angels We Have Heard on High to sing (it's the same as in our hymnbook, only with a fancier piano part, and fancy piano parts are a lot of fun for me anyway), having friends coming to visit soon, Page learning to love her heated cat bed, and having clean floors.
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