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Lately it feels like we just have to wait until Tuesday and everything that's freaking us out will cease to be a problem. And by that I mean it feels that way every week. There's always something on Monday. Of course, this time, it's a super awesome thing--the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 launch showcase--but there's still a lot of fuzziness in the details and that makes us nervous. Worst case scenario: we get a ride to the event, then something comes up with our ride-giver and we get stranded in Burbank. Fortunately, we happen to know of a good hotel within walking distance of the event venue...if we can remember how to get there.

In the meantime, Page's thirst for adventure goes mostly unslaked...until a dog or a skateboard comes along. Then she's perfectly happy to stay inside for a while.

...And that's pretty much all I have to say, I think. Today I'm thankful for Page being safely inside right now, having time to practice the piano, figuring out how to deal with tricky page-turns, still having pie, and having a lovely time playing Birth by Sleep last night.
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