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Let's Dance a Waltz

Page continues her quest for adventure. She got out past the fence again last night, so when we let her out this morning, Athena told her she could go outside, but please stay inside the fence. So Page stayed outside in our patio for a little while, and then she came back in and starting meowing, as if to ask for permission to go outside the fence. Permission was granted on the condition that she stay nearby, and it was really cute to see her investigate every inch of the area just outside our fence. Then she got out of our line of vision, so we were worried but still brushing our hair, so we trusted her judgment, and when I went out to check on her, sure enough, she was still close by. But then it was time for us to do things farther away from the front door, so we had to chase her down and bring her reluctantly back inside. She's a good kitty. We may need to get her vaccines updated soon.

In other news, today we finally got to work on Let's Dance a Waltz. My new philosophy on announcing what titles we're working on is that three conditions should be met: 1)it must have been announced by the publisher, 2)we need to have the books in our possession, and 3)(where applicable) we need to have signed contracts. If any one of those conditions has not been met, there's still a possibility (at least in my mind) that it's not really happening, and it's really awkward to have to say, "Juuuust kidding." But other than that, we think it's probably okay to talk about it whenever, and I was meaning to talk about this one sooner, but everything happened so quickly after we got the offer that I was sure we could be like, "Today we worked on our new project, Let's Dance a Waltz," in no time at all. Then stuff kept coming up. Three weeks (I think?) later, here we are.

Anyway, yes, Let's Dance a Waltz. First of all, we love it. We loved the idea of it from the moment we heard about it because we've always liked stories about ballroom dance, and we also tend to love Nakayoshi titles. I'm not gonna lie; part of that is because they tend to be easy to translate. But they also tend to have really fun characters, so there's that. After putting it off and putting it off, I was a little worried that maybe I'd overhyped it for myself and perhaps it wouldn't be that fun after all, but my fears were all for naught, because we adore it. It's so great.

But I wanted to back up a little. One of the reasons we were especially excited to get this series is that it's by Natsumi Ando. We haven't translated any of her titles before, but! Zodiac P.I. was the very first thing we got credited for when TokyoPop published it many years ago. I think we were credited as...I don't even remember. But we still have our comp copy! In a box in the dining room! We helped touch things up a bit with sound effects, and, I hate to admit, there was a mistake in it that was our fault. The main character was going undercover and using the name Ayanoko(u)ji. We'd never seen that as a name before, and it was so long it seemed like it was two names (especially because the length made it tend to show up in two lines). And we were like, "Ah! That should maybe be reversed into Western order!" And the editor listened to us and...yeah. We're ashamed that we made that happen, and we're very sorry, Ando-sensei!

But now we have a chance to make it all better! Yay! And I think we're doing a good job on this one! Sometimes! There are some lines that have us like, "Yeeeeah, that's going to need a lot of tweaking," but there are some that we're like, "Wow, that sounds really great!"

Also, it's looking like we're going to have to start watching Dancing with the Stars, because of all of the dance lingo! Actually, our friend Gaston helps his sister teach a ballroom dance class, so he knows all about it, but it's just so awkward to have to call people and say, "Okay, so here's the situation. How would someone who knows stuff about ballroom dance phrase this question?" It's also time-consuming and breaks up all our momentum.

Also also, this series was totally inspired by the movie Shall We Dance?. Sometimes it almost seems like a gender-switched version of it, only no one's married.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Let's Dance a Waltz today, it being super adorable and fun, Page being such a good listener, it being the day to start playing Birth by Sleep again, and leftover pie.
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