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I'm starting to get the feeling I know what happened to the original translator on this project.

So we've been working on this emergency project. We realize now that when our boss said intense, she really meant intense. This is crazy!!!

Okay, so it's really not all that bad. It's just that... well, it is pretty bad, because there are a ton of long sentences with new vocabulary and it's hard to keep everything straight in our heads long enough to piece it into a coherent English sentence. And the font is small. Our boss sent us a previous volume that's already been translated so we could see how they're doing it, and based on the content, I suspect that the one we're working on is probably the hardest there is.

It doesn't help that we're trying to do it quickly, and that we've reached the end of our grocery supply so we're running on less food than...well, not necessary less than normal, but less than when we've just gone grocery shopping and have milk and cereal.

And I just noticed that I tend to use long sentences a lot. If I ever do something that I think will someday be translated into another language, I should probably try to cut back.

And always remember: take a break after an hour!!! Hour and a half at the latest. Three hours of intense translating apparently is even bad for my back. Maybe it wouldn't be if I had more food.

Tonight I'm thankful for nearby 99cents Only stores, running water, Pillsbury's triple chocolate indulgence cookies, catfood to feed my kitties, and telephones.

Oh! And we've been tagged, but it might be a while before we get to it because this translation is EATING OUR SOULS!!!!!

Okay, so it's not really, but it will be occupying a great deal of our time. We may have to spend our Friday night working on it instead of watching Gunparade March, which will hopefully be arriving on Friday. But it won't matter if we don't have time to watch it.

And I need to shut up and go to bed.
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