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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Our Thanksgiving got off to a bit of an adventurous start, as Page has gotten into the routine of asking to be let outside while we're eating breakfast. It was all pretty much the same as usual--she'd go out to the edge of the fence and keep an eye on things, and if she heard the sounds of a small child she'd dash back into the safety of our apartment. Then we were brushing our hair and I heard a small child make a sound outside...but Page didn't come inside. I looked out the window and she wasn't in our patio, so Athena checked all the rooms, and still she was nowhere to be found. There's a little spot in the fence that she could conceivably fit through, and we were afraid she'd done just that.

I took a minute or two to finish braiding my hair, then I put my shoes on to investigate outside. I couldn't see her nearby, so I considered going back inside to change out of pajamas before venturing too far outside, but instead I thought I should try opening our gate first. She heard the sound of it and came back into view, thank goodness. I called her inside, and she trotted back. I couldn't tell if she was nervous from the adventure or reluctant to give it up. But she seemed happy to sit with us while we were reading a little while ago. Now she's meowing at us again; I'm not sure if it's because she wants us to open the door.

Anyway, we did end up working today because we had a chapter of UQ Holder! to translate, but it went pretty quickly and so the day managed to stay fairly relaxed. Next, time for more Kingdom Hearts!

Today I'm thankful for Page coming back home, UQ Holder! being fairly easy to translate this week, having a chocolate silk pie for our traditional Thanksgiving dessert, getting to have a relaxing holiday, and having a lovely time reading.
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