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The Misadventures of Page

Poor Page's outdoor adventure this morning was cut short when the neighbor's dog tried to make friends. Or enemies. It's really hard to say, because as soon as the animals discovered each other, Page was back inside with a very bushy tail.

Fortunately for her, she got a lovely consolation prize: the packing paper that came with her heated cat bed. The package arrived shortly after the dog adventure, and the cat bed instructions said to put a pillow on top of it for twenty minutes to let it heat up. So we put a pillow on it and told her there was something we wanted her to come see in about twenty minutes (she was hanging out in the bedroom). A few minutes later, she came in, saw the packing paper we'd left on the floor, and became the Queen of the Packing Paper.

She did eventually try the cat bed, and she seemed to maybe like it or maybe not be able to get entirely comfortable. She chose the laptop for her bed later. But she did stay in the cat bed for a long time the first time--maybe an hour or two--so it wasn't a total failure. We may have to try a new place for it, because now it's in a nook that doesn't allow her a lot of maneuvering space.

In the meantime, she did eventually feel the call of the wild again, so when we went to the living/dining area for a snack, she came with us and asked us to open the door. I did, and I told her I couldn't say if the dog was still out there or not; she'd have to see for herself. So she positioned herself just inside the open door and proceeded to Watch. Eventually, we said to each other that we didn't think the dog was outside anymore, and as soon as she heard that, she was out on the patio. Then something scared her back inside, and she's been snug in the bedroom ever since.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work goal today, the super delicious salted pretzel pizza crust on Pizza Hut's fancy new menu, chocolate silk pie being on sale at the grocery store today, having seven other fancy pizza crust flavors to look forward to trying (the key to getting our particular brand of picky eater to try things: make it bread (but not with nuts; nuts are still gross) (we learned the word "panivore" the other day, and we were like, "that's totally us")), and Page getting to try her new heated cat bed.
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