Alethea & Athena (double_dear) wrote,
Alethea & Athena

Page's search for adventure

The project we're currently working on is totally messing with our heads. It's almost like there's a constant sense of cognitive dissonance going on while we're translating it. This is why I need to write posts about what we're working on while we're working on it, to be posted in the future, because this deserves talking about. And it's taking up almost all my brainspace, so I don't have a whole lot else to talk about.

There is one thing, though. Page has finally gotten over her front-door timidity and is now demanding to be let outside. This makes us nervous because Outside is full of scary things like fleas (oh wait, I guess that's a problem either way) and cars and other animals and diseases that she hasn't been vaccinated for. She has been vaccinated, but I'm not sure if she's been vaccinated for all the outdoor cat things, or just for the ones they recommend for indoor cats, and she's certainly not up-to-date.

So for now, we just let her out in the patio. Of course, when she gets out there, she investigates as hard as she can to see if maybe she can fit through the fence posts or something. We think she "wants adventure in the great wide somewhere," but I don't think we're going to give it to her until we either get her vaccinated, or get her a harness so we can at least go out with her and keep her out of trouble.

In the meantime, we've ordered her a heated cat bed. Her laptop shenanigans have been going too far, especially because she ends up stepping on the power button a lot. And, since she mostly seems to get on the laptop because it's warm and less precarious than a lap, we're hoping a heated cat bed will be just the right thing to lure her away from the laptop. We also suspect part of her desire to go outside has to do with the hope that it's warmer out there than in our apartment. The bed is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so here's hoping she loves it!

Today I'm thankful for figuring out (probably) the source of (most of) the cognitive dissonance, Page being okay with only going outside when we're in the living room and can keep an eye on her (we're not going outside; it's cold), having plans to try Pizza Hut's new menu tonight, Page's new bed being on its way, and the tasty corn muffins we got at Bread Day yesterday.
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