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Well, the stress is finally getting to me. I started an argument on Facebook. It was horrible, though! Somebody posted a picture of their kids LYING ON TOP OF their cat, in an, "Oh my goodness, isn't this so adorable how the kids play with the cat?" attitude, and we were like, "I hope that cat kills you all in your sleep...I mean, no! I really don't! I really, really don't, which is why I'm going to start an argument with you on Facebook." It didn't start as an argument. It started as an, "I hope you don't let that happen anymore!"

Soooo...yeah, there are some things making us angry lately. The tenors in the choir refuse to take rehearsals seriously, which is especially annoying because they're the ones who need it the most. We don't have time to go over their part, so Athena went out of her way to make a MIDI file that plays their part very loudly with the rest of the parts very softly, but they don't bother to listen to it.

Work isn't making us angry, just stressing us out. That Harlequin manga took longer to edit than expected, but once we finished it, things went pretty smoothly. But they went smoothly later than they normally would have, so we didn't finish until dinner time. But we're at a place where things should go at a good pace once we finish with our Disneyland trip. Hopefully the trip will help us to calm down, because we are currently filled with rage.

Anyway, good things are happening, too. We're going to Disneyland! And we have enough money to get milkshakes! And we got offered a new title to translate! And by the time it gets to us we should have a lot more room in our schedule!

Noragami 2 comes out tomorrow! Go read it! If you guys aren't reading Noragami, we're not sure if we can think of you as our friends anymore. (<--that might be the rage talking) Seriously, though, it's really fun. One of the things we like about it, which may not be a selling point in any way, is that if you read the translation notes, we think that it might give you a feel for all the different kinds of things a manga translator has to put into his or her work.

Today I'm thankful for parents who understand that pets are living things and not toys, the fabulous alto section who comes almost every week and learns the part, the bass (you need more than one guy to be a section) who tries to learn his part but doesn't have time to go over it because we have to go over the tenor part a million times, having plans to go to Disneyland with a friend tomorrow, and getting another one of our lost payments today. Oh! and getting offered a new series. I mustn't forget to be thankful for that!
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