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Alethea & Athena
Have a list. 
15th-Nov-2014 06:02 pm
I'm not entirely sure what it says about us that we had some plans canceled today and it actually stressed us out even more. It wasn't like an, "Oh man, now we don't get to do that cool thing we wanted to do!" so much as an, "Oh no! We have more time to do stuff! It's a trap!!" kind of thing. The trap is in figuring out what to do with that extra time, because there's so much that needs to be done...only not that much...or something. Anyway, we decided to go to the store and get groceries. Tadah!

We also decided to do some work on Say I Love You. I could talk about that a little more, but since I can't go into details about the content, there's not really much point. I would maybe write an essay and save it for copy and paste when the volume comes out, but come on, like I have time for that. Maybe someday in the mythical time. It seems like it would be neat to have in-depth discussions on a lot of the stuff we work on. Someday...

But anyway, something I think we do have time for right now is a list of Harlequin manga we translate. We might have started this sooner, but after all the talk we've seen about Twilight, we didn't think people took this kind of thing very seriously. A lot of it, we don't take very seriously...because taking it seriously might lead to serious relationship problems. Anyway, all these manga should be available at Balloons and Chapters.

And here's the list! In alphabetical order, because that's how it ends up in the folder when we save it. They might not all be available to read yet; we're not sure how long it takes from translation to posting.

A Game of Chance (interesting until they slept together, and then the whole story got like, "Wha...?")
Claiming His Christmas Bride (this one was cute)
Fatherhood Fever (cute, but waaaay too much talking)
Her Hand in Marriage (this is the one with the liar we talked about last September; still a cute story)
Marriage at the Cowboy's Command (spoiler alert: the cowboy also happens to be a sheikh)
Marrying McCabe (one of the first ones we did...and why we almost didn't do any more)
My Lord de Burgh (historical fantasy!)
Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss (not really memorable...)
The Christmas Eve Bride / Born to Wed (two stories in one! the second one is super adorable, the first is eye-roll worthy)
The French Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress (brings up the very important point that the only 100% effective birth control is abstinence)
The Innocent's Surrender (I loved this story, but it's really, really stupid; really stupid)
The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress (the summary is familiar, but...)
The Marriage Miracle (the first one we did; it was kind of cute, but the heroine was way too down on herself, which makes sense when they finally explain why, but until then it's like, "Ugh, get over yourself!")
The Mediterranean Prince's Passion (part of a Mediterranean royalty series! with "The Prince's Love-Child." We don't know what the third book in the series is; we didn't translate that one, which is a bummer because it's about our favorite of the three brothers)
The Mediterranean Rebel's Bride (part of a Mediterranean series! with "The Millionaire Tycoon's English Rose." We don't know what the other books are; we didn't translate them, which is a bummer because this one is the second one about identical twins that got married, so we're curious about how they dealt with when the first twin got married)
The Millionaire Tycoon's English Rose (a bit of a consolation for not getting to translate Carlo's story; point of interest: the heroine is blind)
The Moretti Arrangement (uuuugh--interesting story but everybody is stupid)
The One and Only (made us want to read Skip Beat! instead)
The Prince's Love-Child (or was this one the one that says the pill doesn't always work? it's so hard to keep track)
The Sheikh's Convenient Virgin (actually really liked this one, even if everybody was stupid)

Well, there it is. It might be hard to read, because there are comments about each one, and we didn't really care about formatting.

Today I'm thankful for having time to go to the store, having time to get some more work done on Say I Love You, getting to limit cut that SR+ Sora card, getting to see what the deal is with body wash that claims to contain diamond powder, and having more cocoa peanuts.
16th-Nov-2014 12:21 am (UTC)
Oh, so that's where your translations are ending up! I was thinking it was that sketchy-looking Renta! site... (you probably mentioned this all before and I forgot because my brain hadn't yet tagged that information as Relevant to My Interests. I apologize.) (on closer inspection, it appears that Renta! also offers these titles, with the same translation and lettering but (at least in the preview) more compressed, jpg-y image quality. huh.) It's amusing and entirely unsurprising that boss, sheik, and billionaire are among the site's popular words.

Spoiler-alert for cowboy sheik—oh my goodness hahahahaha!!!

I read the (30pg, not bad) previews for a couple of these and will probably look up a few more later. I was impressed with the actually-competent lettering :) Not sure if I'll be able to justify spending money on them, but maybe if the art really catches my eye... Anyway, thanks for sharing your list!

It would be neat to have in-depth discussions on the series you work on! Oh, the fun times we'll have when Someday comes :)

edit: You didn't work on The Desert Lord's Baby, did you? I looked up Nagasawa Satoru and they had that one (also another but it's totally not about a sheik, unless he's another secret sheik. sheikret?), but I think it'd be too soon to be the one you just translated. However, I do really like the art...

Edited at 2014-11-16 03:36 am (UTC)
16th-Nov-2014 08:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm not surprised that they're on more than one site. We actually never knew who was asking for the translations (we do them through an agency), and we had to Google one or two of the titles to find one. In retrospect, we could have just asked our boss, but we don't always think of these things.

The cowboy one was actually our first sheikh one. We had no idea sheikhs were a thing until we did another sheikh one.

We do not blame you for not spending money on these (although we do get paid pretty low rates for them, so if they had more money to spare, we would not complain...assuming they shared the wealth, or at ;east paid faster). The only one where we really noticed the art was the one we mentioned the other day (which is not on the list, because we only just turned it in), but we're not always visually oriented. We did sort of notice Nanao Hidaka's art, because we were assigned two or three different books of hers in close succession. She has very nice profiles, but sometimes her faces are not in proportion.

I'm planning! It's been made a mental note now! That (if we have time) whenever we finish a book, I'll write a post and hang on to it until its release date, or maybe a week after, and then post it to LJ so people can read our thoughts and see what exactly we're talking about.

That's right, The Desert Lord's Baby is not the one we worked on last week. (Sheikret...that's awesome.) We'll try to remember to reveal the title when it seems more likely to have been posted somewhere people can read it.
16th-Nov-2014 12:53 am (UTC)
I'll save this post to check out the books with your positive comments for future fast read. I'm particularly curious about "Her Hand in Marriage" and "My Lord de Burgh" :) assuming that "historical fantasy" is a positive comment.
Thanks for the list and entertaining comments :)
16th-Nov-2014 08:43 pm (UTC)
"Historical fantasy" is a neutral descriptor. It's a genre, so if you like historical fantasy, it's positive, and if you don't, it's negative. We hope you enjoy the manga when you find time to read it!
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