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Alethea & Athena
Clowning around 
14th-Nov-2014 06:02 pm
The word "tycoon" in the title really should have tipped us off that today's Harlequin manga was not going to be easy. Not that it would have mattered anyway, because the deadlines all remain the same. So our goal for today was to finish the first draft of the Harlequin manga, and then get halfway through our first draft of Say I Love You. We expected to work a little bit of overtime, because while we can sometimes finish a Harlequin first draft in about two hours, it's important to not plan for that.

Still, it's usually easy enough that we have some time left in our workday for other things. Not so today. It took pretty much the whole workday to finish it, and the only reason we have any work done on Say I Love You. is that we deliberately chose a CD that would take us past our regular quitting time. Although in all fairness, part of it ending late is that we spent a little extra time at Kingdom Hearts [chi]. But only a little!

So we're going to have to work a little longer today. Someday we'll get back to playing Kingdom Hearts on the Playstation... *wistful*

In the meantime, we're throwing around ideas for our own Harlequin romance. The current working title is The Royal Mediterranean Tycoon's Innocent Reluctant and Rebellious Mistress. It's about a supermodel actress nurse who had to leave show business because of a scandal that slanderously destroyed her reputation and now she's started up her own company that sells wigs to cancer patients. I haven't decided yet if the tycoon is a prince or a sheikh--maybe both. He fell in love with her at first sight, but then all the scandal happened, so he wanted nothing more to do with her but fate brought them together anyway. We're still working on the details. Only not really.

Also, we keep coming across things in Say I Love You. that make us go, "But wha-huh!?" You remember the "good morning" incident of the previous volume (when it was three in the afternoon, which apparently is almost evening). This time there was one of those panels that you can tell is a copy and paste of another panel so that it can be a dramatic flashback, only this time, it was flashing back to two panels ago! On the same page! Why!? Whyyyyyyy!?

This manga is full of mystery. But so far today it's been easier to work on than that Harlequin manga, which was jam-packed with financial terms.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft of that Harlequin manga despite setbacks (the edit is going to be tough), the prospect of getting Ghirardelli milkshakes when we (perhaps exceedingly unwisely) go to California Adventure next week, Page mostly leaving us to our own devices today (instead of deciding that the laptop we needed for work was her own private property and why would anyone use it for anything other than a cat bed?), pizza, and candy.
14th-Nov-2014 11:16 pm (UTC)
YES. That will be the Harlequin manga to rule them all. I will illustrate it all magnificently for you. Only not really. (I'm not sure my art style would really be a good match for Harlequin romance, anyway.) Thanks for telling us all about your idea—I got a huge laugh reading the description!! Sorry about all the financial terms you had to translate today, ew. I'm sure you filled them with great passion and uh... mystique? Or perhaps you're saving that for the editing pass :)

Having a flashback to two panels ago is very strange and a little suspicious. Maybe she was just under too much deadline pressure and that one panel less to draw made all the difference in the world.
15th-Nov-2014 04:33 am (UTC)
And I just realized that OF COURSE fate brings them together by making him buy her failing wig business. How could I have missed that before? We're glad you liked the idea!

We think she probably had the flashback as a form of emphasis or something. It did go right from people talking to someone thinking about people talking, so... *shrugs*
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