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Alethea & Athena
Coooome baaaaack! 
13th-Nov-2014 05:28 pm
The day we work on the new series keeps getting farther and farther away. Things were looking promising this morning. UQ Holder! turned out to be pretty actiony, which means the translation went really fast. We did get hung up a couple times on "how do we really want to translate this sound effect?", but the thing about sound effects is that it's kind of pointless to spend too much time on them. You just look at the picture, make a sound based on what's happening, and then figure out how to spell it. (Granted, that last part can be way harder than it sounds.)

And we finished the other Harlequin manga we were working on and still had time left to start on Say I Love You.! And then we checked our email, and our Harlequin boss said, "Wow, you're really fast, can you do a couple more?" And we were like, "Let's see, Say I Love You. is due in a week and a half, we're taking a day or two off to go to Disneyland with Gaston next week...Sure!" But we weren't completely irresponsible. We mentioned that we were working on another translation, so now we've negotiated to only doing one more Harlequin manga, because they need them next week. Of course, based on our current plans, if we don't get it in by Monday night, it will be too late. We might end up working on Saturday. Le sigh.

In the meantime, Say I Love You. did not get off to a favorable start. First there was a flier! And not just a little one-blurb flier, either. A complicated one with a form. Those tend to be annoying to translate. And then. Then! Stupid jerkface Hayakawa came back. Oooohhh, that guy makes me want to hit things. Normally we'd just be like, "Oh fine, if you must be in it..." But he had to go and be voiced by our beloved Yuuki Kaji, who is really good at sounding as despicable as this guy is. Oh well, I suppose he is trying to reform.

And tonight I have a Primary leadership meeting to play for. Busy, busy, busy!

Today I'm thankful for getting all our work done and then some today, Page only turning the laptop off once while we were trying to use it for work, having a steady job, having a friend in our ward who has offered to take us Christmas shopping (y'know, one day when we have money), and oh hey if Hayakawa's back that means we can listen to our Kaji-kun songs while translating!
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