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Saying thank you, thank you...

Well, we did not get to fulfill our long-cherished dream of ordering a pizza for dinner (the rule was we could order a pizza if we got a paycheck), but we did have a good time working on My Little Monster today, so I guess we came out on top.

My Little Monster is weird, because for the longest time, as soon as I wasn't working on it anymore, I had this idea that I didn't really care about it. It was really bad when we started our edit last week, and I was like, "No no no no no! I don't wanna work on it!!" Then we started working on it, and I was like, "Wow, this series is really fun." And I finally learned to remember that I like it. I want to say it has something to do with the fact that we weren't the original translators on it, so there was a kind of conditioned apathy toward it that took some time to overcome, but who knows.

I don't know what else to talk about, so I'm going to tell about something that gave me endless amusement yesterday, that may or may not make sense to anybody else. In Primary, the chorister decided to teach the children this song about saying thank you in different languages. It has Japanese, but it doesn't use the regular "arigato," it has the thank you more commonly used in prayers, which is "kansha shimasu." Since the chorister, for some odd reason, isn't familiar with the Japanese language, she turned to us for help with pronunciation.

We're always happy to show off help, so we said it as many times as it took, but it still always came out weird when she said it. It might be because there are three S's in the phrase and the first two are followed by an H. It might be because the chorister is learning German, where so many S's are pronounced like SH's. It might be because Athena's S wasn't sibilant enough when she said it. But for whatever reason, the chorister kept saying "kansha shimashu."

Normally, I think I would just kind of smirk to myself like, "Oh, that's funny," and forget the whole thing. But! it reminded me of the Gakuen Babysitters drama CD that we got so many years ago (actually only three), before we knew how very much we loved Yuuki Kaji♥

Ryuichi has a monologue about how Kirin is so smart and knows big words, but she still can't say "sa shi su se so." Then Kirin starts bawling about how yes she can say sha shi shu she sho! And he was like, "How did you read my mind!?" and she was like, "You said it out loud!" So then he tries to appease her, and then he catches her lisp and he can't say it anymore! And Kirin was like, "You're in high school. Doesn't it embarrass you that you can't say sha shi shu she sho?" And he's like, "I can, too!" and he tried it and failed, and she told him the right way to say it (which of course was wrong), and then she asked Kotaro if he could say it...and of course he couldn't. And he left out se.

And remembering Ryuichi's despair from that moment in the CD made it very hard to contain my giggles. Kaji-kun is so good at wailing.

Today I'm thankful for fond memories of Gakuen Babysitters CDs, finishing our My Little Monster translation, fun Primary songs with multiple languages in them, toffee peanuts, and the adorable similarities between Kotaro and Logan.
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