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Well, I thought today would be a good today to finally post some pictures from our shiny new camera. Once again, LJ has posted all of our pictures in reverse order, so if you want it to make the most sense, it would probably help to scroll down to the bottom and read up to the top. To facilitate this, all the captions will be under the pictures, describing the pictures above them until the next caption. Another note: we saw a lot of really great costumes, but since I neglected to ask any of them their permission to post their pictures on the internet, I'm not posting them, except for one picture, which will make more sense when you see it.

I should probably mention that there are a lot of pictures (41 to be precise).
Halloween 2014
And finally, Page in a box.

page 145
Disneyland has already put up it's Christmas decorations. I love how they're so pretty but not ostentatious.

page 144
I've been meaning to share a picture of this ever since we moved here. These flowers are all over the place, and they're just like the one in Tangled!

page 143
Page and her friend the plush snake.

page 141
We ate dinner under the stars at the Rainforest Cafe, and sometimes we got to see the northern lights! I didn't think we'd get to see those in a tropical rainforest, but what do I know?

page 136
Now this is a very special treat for everyone who likes Noragami (which is everyone, right?)! Some of you may remember in volume one that there was some graffiti in a bathroom stall where we translated Yato's writing to "hopen for business." Well, this is the very sign that inspired that translation!! Tadah!! Isn't it the best thing ever!?
Unfortunately, we didn't think to get a picture while we were going north (and hence on the correct side of the freeway), so after we left Bravo Farms, I pointed the camera backwards and took a picture of every sign as we passed it (because if I took the time to read it, it would be too far away by the time I got a picture) until we got this one. Sorry the N is covered by part of the car. Hopefully we'll get a better picture next time we drive up that way.

page 113
Then we went to Mom's house where we hung out with Logan. I wanted to share this picture, because Logan drew that all on his own. We kind of had to guess why there was a plus sign over the happy face, but when we asked if it was a helmet because he was playing football, then Logan said yeah. Even though we don't like sports, that was just too adorable.

page 107
I probably should have cropped this picture so you could see it better, so make sure to click to get the big version. We were walking down Downtown Disney when Gaston point out the awesome way the light hit the Maleficent/Philip Lego statue. So I took a picture in the hopes we could capture it, and we did! (But it's a little small.)

page 102
Again with Alice and being all picturesque. Also, it was like Lady was walking out of a fancy country club, which was just too perfect.

page 099

page 098
Okay, so this is the best. Since Gaston was renting an Electronic Convenience Vehicle (EVC for short), and the wheelchair rentals were right by the kennel club, Athena realized what a great idea that would be for a picture. So after we returned the EVC, we made our way over there (about ten feet) and ran into our friends Han Solo (female) and Joe Carioca (a couple of cosplayers, the latter of whom was really happy to meet someone who recognized his costume; I have a great picture of him, but I didn't ask his permission to post it on the net), who were just getting Han Solo's dog. We told them of our plan, and they said, "Oh yeah, you should totally get a picture--and you should go in there, because they have a big Lady and the Tramp mural." So we did. Tadah!

page 094
Some punk kid was leaning on our porch rail, so we decided to take a nap on the steps instead.

page 091
This was my favorite of the porch pictures, because they both look ready for some steampunk action.

page 080
We were walking by the Haunted Mansion and I think we caught something strange on film... (The truth of the matter is we saw these amazing cosplayers, so we asked to take a picture, but they said no they weren't allowed to take pictures, and we were all, "Yeah, yeah, we've been over that a million times," but they were like, "No, really. They specifically told us we are not allowed to let people take our picture." So we said, "Okay, you just keep talking to our friend; pay no attention to the woman behind the shiny red camera." I also promised not to post it online or anything like that. But this one came out blurry enough that you can't make them out anyway, and it was just too funny because they're supposed to be ghosts! (I do have a non-blurry picture that I am deliberately not posting on the internet.))

page 072

page 071

page 070

page 069

page 068
I always liked the Golden Horseshoe Halloween decorations, but I'm not sure how I feel about it anymore. We noticed about a year ago that the Golden Horseshoe had placed itself in the red light district (by making its porch lamps red), and now it seems like that wasn't an accident. This is a family park, people! Anyway, I guess this is the madame of the Golden Horseshoe brothel.

page 066
Moon over Critter Country.

page 063
I don't think this picture really needs a description. I will add, though, that there are two versions of it, and it was hard to resist the temptation to use the other one. We don't like seeing ourselves in pictures, and in the other one, Athena's face was backlit and hard to see, and Hook's hook was in my face. It's kind of awesome.

page 059
The Rivers of America all creepified (=made foggy) for Halloween.

page 055
After trying several times, Gaston finally tried turning the flash back on, and voila!

page 053
Alice had a habit of standing in places that seemed really artistic and whatnot, so I tried taking a picture, but the lighting was all wrong.

page 047
Treat trail decorations.

page 043
It has sparkly decorations even without seasonal decor.

page 042
Another picture of me playing with the flash off. This is a stained glass window at the Rancho de Zocalo Mexican restaurant in Frontierland (which was converted to a treat trail for the party).

page 041
We had read online reviews that said the camera we got is pretty good without a flash, so when we saw this, I thought it was the perfect time to check that out. The pictures come out a lot less blurry than they did with our old camera, possibly because the new one is lighter so my hand doesn't shake as much. Anyway, these are the decorations they project onto It's A Small World.

page 034
I figured I ought to include at least one picture with us and a princess.

page 031
We went to the Fantasy Faire Royal Theatre to wait for the Halloween party to start, so we could be first in line for the princess meet and greet. When we got there, Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones were still performing their last show of the day. It was Beauty and the Beast, and Mr. Jones was waiting outside the theatre to make his big climactic entrance for the showdown between Gaston and the Beast. I tried to sneak a picture, but he caught me, so instead I got this great pose.

page 028

page 027
This is when they got to one of the lyrics about decapitation.

page 026
Here are the Cadaver Dans performing. They're the Halloween version of the Dapper Dans barbershop quartet. I usually really hate zombie stuff, but they were singing the Headless Horseman song from The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad, and I love that song, so I couldn't resist.

page 022
This is where they drained one of the water features in the queue area. The tarp is covering a big hole in the artificial rock. I don't know any more about it, but I like to take pictures of peculiarities like that.

page 021
There are some great views of Big Thunder Mountain that you can only see unobstructed from the wheelchair access line. Since Gaston was in a wheelchair again, I took advantage of our place in line to get a picture.

page 017
They gave us these special rice crispy treats, and some Big Hero 6 drawstring backpacks.

page 016

page 015
As a special annual passholder treat, they decorated the opera house on the inside for a passholder-exclusive treat trail. There are some benches in the opera house that they had covered with white sheets, like in an old abandoned house, but sadly I didn't make the connection until we were practically through the door to the theatre, where they were playing an old scary Mickey Mouse cartoon.

page 011
And here it is: the first picture of our Steampunk Lady and the Tramp group. (Or rather, the first picture I'm posting. There are several different versions of this picture, and this is the one I liked best.)

page 002
The Tramp helping Lady with her hair was just too precious a moment not to photograph.

page 001
Of course the inaugural picture for our camera is of our dear kitty Page. (Actually, I took a few pictures before this one, but I deleted them all because I didn't like them. I think it still counts, though, because I deleted them all before I took this one.)

Today I'm thankful for being able to share pictures, getting cupcakes after church today (spice cake with vanilla frosting! I was so happy, because I just read in Taran Wanderer about when they made a cake, and so I've been thinking all week about how much I love spice cake and similar desserts, and then! there they were!), getting a ride to church today, getting to sing a song with different languages in it during Primary, and getting to take home the extra cupcakes.
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