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Well, we got one missing check, so we can go buy more groceries next week. Yay!

In the meantime...I don't know. I've been thinking about street harassment, because it's one of the things people are talking about over on the Facebook. We're very fortunate in that we don't get a lot of it, even though we do a fair amount of walking. In fact, we mostly only get it if we're walking somewhere in costume, like when we walked to our ward Halloween party.

It's kind of interesting to compare that to when we walked home from GameStop Expo in costume, and we didn't get any harassment, even though we were walking along a much busier street, in much goofier costumes. It could be that it was the time of day; walking to the Halloween party happened around rush hour, while walking home from GameStop Expo happened very soon after the typical lunch hour. It could have been the neighborhood; GameStop Expo happened along the street where most people who are walking are on their way to or from Disneyland, so goofy outfits aren't anything special. It could have been our own attitudes; we were more self-conscious walking to the Halloween party for some reason, possibly because of the cat tails, or possibly because, since we were walking home from GameStop Expo, we'd just spent time around people in the costumes, and those people generally had a favorable opinion of the costumes, so our confidence was up.

At any rate, my main thought when people kept calling out to us on the way to the ward Halloween party was to remember something Kanae Hazuki said in one of the Say I Love You afterwords. She talked about how, especially when we're young, we feel the need to say something to people who stand out. Putting my own spin on it, I assume that in the heat of the moment (when you're just passing people on the street), people don't have time to think about what to say, so they tend to say things that are incredibly stupid. I agree that the better option would be to say nothing at all, but obviously if everyone agreed with that, street harassment wouldn't be such a widely discussed topic right now.

Anyway...I'm really not sure where I'm going with this. It's just a thing I think about.

Today I'm thankful for getting a check, having our laundry done, getting to eat our snacks without having to worry (too much) about rationing them, the yummy pizza we had for dinner last night, and the fun cover to My Little Monster volume 6.
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