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Making a comeback

We're making a comeback today! Sort of. While editing our My Little Monster script, we made it to the point in our script that we were hoping to make it to on Wednesday. (Obviously not hoping badly enough to stay home from Wednesdays with Walt, but that's beside the point.)

It's hard, because there's more to our lack of getting paid than just "they haven't processed our invoices yet," which means we have to take action, and since the other parties involved are on the East Coast and there's a time zone thing, we want to get it done earlier so we can get back to them, and that means doing it before getting to work. So we do what we can, which so far has mostly ended in mild frustration, and by that point we don't want to work anymore. So it's really hard to push ourselves, which is especially difficult because one of the main sources of frustration lately is that we don't feel like we're getting anything done.

As for why we need to take action on payment things. We got a check from one of our clients several months ago, and we deposited it...and then our bank took the money back. We figured it was just a bounced check, probably a fluke, and we let it go. Then there was a problem of actually not getting paid for something, so we thought maybe there's more to this and we decided to talk to our client about the problem and see what was going on. Well, the recent missed payment was just an "oops, forgot to process the invoice," and theoretically that has been taken care of and we should be getting a check (say it with me) any day now.

As for the first check...well, that gets to be a mystery. Our client has it on recorded that we deposited the check and the money left their account, never to return. Our personal bank records have no indication of any such check existing, but they do have a record of the money leaving our account. Upon calling the bank for information, I learned that there was some kind of a problem with the check, and they sent a letter at the time they took the money back, explaining what the problem was. And that's where not actually reading our mail from the bank comes back to bite me.

We can't get the money back until we figure out why it left, and this morning I called the bank to see if they could send me another copy of that letter. The guy I talked to sent it to their research department, who should be getting back to us in the next five business days. The funny thing about it is that this is the client that currently owes us the smallest amount of money.

After dealing with that, we were in no state of mind to do any kind of work, but the only thing for it was to shake it off and work anyway. So we did, and afterward we were feeling a lot better! Except for the fact that we wanted to have this translation turned in by now. But it was fun, and we listened to Kingdom Hearts music. My Little Monster is really hard sometimes, but when we manage to solve the problems that pop up, we end up with dialogue that we think is pretty darn good.

In the meantime, Page is dealing with her latest flea treatment with a lot more poise than last time, poor girl.

We also went to the grocery store, despite our lack of money, because you can only go so long before you have to buy more toilet paper. We also bought ourselves a pizza for dinner tonight, because we really needed a pick-me-up, and we've had macaroni and cheese for dinner three nights out of the last four. (The other night was Wednesday, when we got home kind of late and decided Halloween snacks would suffice and were a heck of a lot less effort.)

Today I'm thankful for having more paper products, having a pizza to look forward to for dinner, making not terrible progress on My Little Monster, getting to sleep in tomorrow, and Page not shunning us after we gave her a flea treatment.
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