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Well, today turned out to be more exciting in a boring way than expected. And yesterday was the day we didn't post. But yesterday was approximately as exciting in a not-so-boring way as expected.

See, Disneyland started doing this thing for annual passholders called "Wednesdays with Walt," and we wanted to go to it. Since we didn't know what kind of a turnout they were going to have, we quit work early and headed over to the park to make sure we could get in. Then we were there super early, so we got to spend some time at Disneyland just doing our own thing and relaxing. It was pretty nice, and then we went to Wednesdays with Walt, which is basically just a screening of episodes from the old Disneyland TV show. This week was the first episode, which we have on DVD, but we hadn't watched it since we got it, so it was still mostly new to us (since we'd forgotten almost all of it). They gave us leftover rice crispy treats from the Halloween Party.

Today was shaping up to be pretty average, and then, when we were about two-thirds of the way through our UQ Holder! edit, our power went out. We were like, "Cool, good excuse to do other stuff." But then I realized that maybe the power was out because we hadn't paid our power bill. I was sure we were up-to-date as of last month, but we haven't been paying for things recently, because we haven't had money. We still don't have money, but it turns out we were not up-to-date on our power bill (things got really confusing a while back because they got set up a little bit wrong when we moved in, and that made it hard to keep track of everything), so we got to pay money we don't have to get our electricity back. Whee.

But the power took a few hours to come back, and Athena's book (Gulliver's Travels) was putting her to sleep, so we decided to be entirely nonproductive and play Theatrhythm instead. And thus we were simultaneous feeling the need to both get something relatively important done and the urge to blow it all off and calm down with some Kingdom Hearts by the time the power was back on. We were good and finished UQ Holder!, but My Little Monster was put on hold again. Our brains don't do "work" very well after 5:30.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to Wednesdays with Walt, leftover rice crispy treats, managing to get ourselves to Disneyland and back without draining all our energy, getting UQ Holder! done despite setbacks, and getting some reading done.
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