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We're back! Actually, we got back yesterday, but I we were a little too tired to care, and besides, our list of Plans didn't end until this morning, so I figured we were still on vacation a little bit.

It all started Sunday night, when Gaston and Alice arrived for Phase 1 of our Halloween Plans. (You could say it started before that, when we were asked to be in charge of the music for a youth fireside, but since that didn't have much to do with Halloween, aside from the fact that it put an interesting twist on our plans with Gaston and Alice, who arrived just as we were leaving, I don't think it really counts.) We were supposed to go as Steampunk Lady and the Tramp characters, but we kept not getting money and not getting money and so were never able to afford materials to make steampunk accessories.

But! Gaston and Alice came to the rescue, because when they texted us a picture of themselves in costume, we confessed that we were going to have to go as just regular Si and Am due to financial reasons, and the two of them scoured the countryside (by which I mean (from what I understand) about three local Halloween stores, a Party City, and a Walmart) and found accessories for us! And since we all really hate the feeling of Halloween stores, we consider that to be true friendship. So, thanks to our friends, we each had a leather(ish) cincher, some dark vampire-hunting glasses (vampire hunting and steampunk are pretty much the same thing, right?), and some lace fingerless black gloves. They also got us some fake fingernails and silver nail polish to see about making claws, but by the time we were getting our costumes on, we were all a little too eager to get to the party to bother with figuring out fake fingernails. And, since the lace gloves were short, which doesn't quite work with the Siamese cat color scheme, we each wore one lace glove, and one long black glove, so as to still have the black foreleg effect.

As for Gaston and Alice's costumes, Gaston added a leg brace (since his leg was broken in real life, it was perfect!) and a steampunk gun, and Alice had a corset and she hitched her skirt up. And she made a hat that was the envy of all the people we ran into who are interested in Edwardian hats. Theoretically, we will show you pictures eventually, because! we also managed to get a memory card for our camera. We got a payment the day of the party, and we stopped by Target between non-party Disneyland time (when we tried the caramel apple smoothies, which were pretty tasty but reminded us that we're not really big fans of apples) and party time. Anyway, we were a little worried that our costumes weren't steampunk enough, but we had a few people greet us as steampunks without any prompting from us, so we think the costumes were a success.

We didn't get to be in the parade this year (we're not sure they were even doing that this year), and there weren't really any specific highlights to write about, except that the first thing we did was stop by the Mechanical Kingdom (Steampunk Disney) art exhibit for a group photo. We asked a cast member to take pictures for us, and all his fellow cast members tagged along and took pictures with their own phones. So we felt pretty special. We had a good time, and made some people's day by identifying their obscure costumes.

Oh! There was an interesting incident. We were looking around and noticing the current costuming trend of dressing the little girl up as a princess, dressing the dad up as the prince, and dressing the mom up as the villain. In many of the cases we saw, it was Ariel or some other princess that has a living father, so we're like, "Why choose the creepy love-interest angle when you could go with the family angle?" Then we saw a dude walking around as King Triton, and decided he was the winner. (Even though he did not have a little girl dressed as Ariel.)

As usual, there were a couple of costumes that we saw and thought, "Oh, how original!" and then saw three or four more other people dressed as the same character. This year, those costumes were Ariel in the sail and Flounder. We also saw a Lady and the Tramp, but their costumes weren't as elaborate as Gaston and Alice's. They did both look super cute, though. We also also saw a Gaston with a Silly Girl, and she happened to choose the same color that Alice wears when we dress as Gaston and the Silly Girls, so it was kind of a weird time warp that night, seeing two different couples dressed in previous Halloween costumes of Gaston and Alice's.

The day after the party, we hitched a ride with Gaston and Alice up north to their house, and finished the journey to Mom's house on Wednesday morning. Very soon after we arrived, Mom called Sarah, who was visiting her other relatives. And Mom had to work, so we decided to kill time by watching the live-action Nobunaga Concerto. We were about halfway through the pilot when Sarah arrived with our dear sweet nephew. Logan saw us and literally dropped everything to run up and give us each a big hug. We spent most of the day hanging out playing on the iPad, until it started getting dark and the kid remembered that he likes playing outside. So we played outside until it was really dark. It was so cute, because he would say, "I have an idea," in his adorable three-year-old accent, and then he'd start to do something, but then he'd say, "I have a better idea," and we'd do something else.

There was one point when, without any prompting on our part, he said, "We went to Disneyland together!" His mom asked him what he did there, and he said, "I rode Dumbo!" We asked him if he met Winnie the Pooh (no) and Mickey Mouse (no), but he did remember that he'd met Peter Pan.

Because we spent such a very long time playing with the iPad, Logan tried out almost every app we have, and so he ended up playing Temple Run. Athena tells me he's getting pretty good at it, but I had to leave to help Celeste buy some fabric for the Halloween costume she was having Mom make for her kid. Right about the time I got back, an ad came up on Temple Run for Dragon City. Usually when the ads pop up, Athena can say, "Push the X," and Logan will close the ad with no problems, but this time he said, "No. I want to play that." And that's how we started playing Dragon City.

Oh! and Logan really liked playing Puzzle and Dragons, especially because one of the beginner's dungeons has a robot-looking boss. So about every hour or so, Logan would say, "I wanna fight the robot." So we'd pull up Puzzle and Dragons. It was so funny, because the cute little monsters would show up to fight us, and Logan would indicate half of them and say, "Those are yours," and of the other half he'd say, "Those are mine." And unless you're paying really close attention (which is hard to do when you're playing with a toddler), you can't control which monsters you end up fighting, so if we killed one of his, he'd indignantly say, "You got mine!"

The next morning, we spent a little more time playing with Logan, then we went to Costco for some supplies (which very amusingly ended up being stuffed in a box that was labeled for vodka), and Mom drove us all the way to Downtown Disney, where we ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe (a wild place to shop and eat!). She stayed the night and went to visit a client on Friday, while we finished up our translation of UQ Holder! and then decided to forget about everything else and play Kingdom Hearts for the rest of the day.

Finally, this morning we had registered to attend a special Disneyland annual passholder early screening of Big Hero 6. We were a little sad to have to wake up early for it, but we had a good time. It was raining, so we got to take our umbrellas, which was especially fitting because we bought them in Akihabara. As for the movie, I was all set to find fault with it like crazy (as indicated by my reaction to the animated short before it--it doesn't make sense and I would tell you why if it weren't a spoiler), but in spite of myself, I liked it anyway. The premise makes sense, the characters are relatable, and they make decisions based on caring about each other and logic (as opposed to so many things where characters constantly make terrible decisions just to move the story along). It was a little actiony, so we suspect we'd have a difficult time sitting through it again, but we liked the characters, so we liked the movie.

And! because it was a special annual passholder event...first, we got an edible treat, which, it turns out, was the same edible treat annual passholders got at Mickey's Halloween Party--in other words, leftovers. The party treats were rice krispie treats with a coating of white chocolate that had a picture of vampire Mickey and the "Mickey's Halloween Party" logo on them. We got the exact same thing today, which was a little less than exciting because those things are so sweet even we had a hard time eating them, but after eating a second one, I think you just have to be prepared for it, and not have been running on adrenaline for the last 24-ish hours.

But anyway! after the movie, we got another treat, and it was a fancy Pop! Vinyl figurine of Baymax, and it came in a fancy Big Hero 6 drawstring backpack (which was also handed out to annual passholders at Mickey's Halloween party, so now we each have two backpacks, which is totally okay with us, because we like drawstring backpacks).

And now we're back, and we're waiting to find out if we'll be going to a ward missionary dinner or not (we're kind of hoping for not, but they wanted our help setting tables and we don't want to be unhelpful, so we'll see).

Today I'm thankful for Gaston and Alice being such wonderful friends, having steampunk accessories to match the rest of our Steampunk Lady and the Tramp group, having a memory card for my camera, getting to spend lots of time with Logan, getting to see Big Hero 6, liking Big Hero 6, getting cute little Pop! Vinyl figurines, the rain, getting to use our umbrellas, Mom driving us all the way home, getting to go to the Rainforest Cafe, getting those little tree frog headbands they have at the Rainforest Cafe, Logan helping us find neat new apps to play with, and Page not being too mad at us for being gone for so long.
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