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You'd think your SeeD rank would go down after getting arrested

I really like reading Selphie. I remember playing FFVIII back in college and reading parts out loud, because console RPGs are more fun that way, and I was reading Selphie, but then we were joined by another girl who needed parts, and I gave up Selphie because I like being the main character. I remember her asking me if I thought I could pull off hyper, like it's hard. But I really like playing hyper girls. Eiko and Selphie, man.

I didn't realize until this time around that Selphie's "heeey" is at least as common as Squall's "...whatever." Strangely, I think the "heeey" managed to make it into the English version of Kingdom Hearts, while the "whatever" didn't. (I was going to check, but...) It's sad, because Squall just isn't Squall without his "...whatever." And Irvine's got his "So like..." and Raijin's got his "Ya know?" And then Seifer's all like, "It's my dream!" and Edea's all like, "Disgusting SeeD," and now I'm just making stuff up. "Blah blah darkness blah blah blah hearts blah blah stupid Sora blah blah darkness blah blah stupid Sora blah blah darkness blah blah..."


I kind of wish we played Final Fantasy IX on weekdays, because then I would remember it better to ramble on and on about more, and it's my favorite, so I think it deserves more journal space. Oh well. Tonight I'm thankful for emergency work (though I hope nothing happened to the original translator...), getting e-mails sent, Japanese IME, kitties feeling adventurous, and being able to see Irino-kun holding a bunny.
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