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Primary Program

Today was the big Primary Program that we've been preparing for all year! It's actually an annual thing, and the kids learn a new song each month starting in January, so they'll know all the words to all the songs by the time of the performance. They have a lot less time to practice their speaking parts, but that's okay, because most of those are only about a sentence long. All the teachers had parts, too! I even had a part, and I'm not a teacher! I got to read the 13th Article of Faith, and then I stayed by the microphone to help any of the kids in that little group who needed help reading their parts.

The format was mostly like this: one small group of kids would line up behind a teacher, who would read her part, and then the kids would take turns reading their parts. Finally, one kid would give a two-three minute talk, and then we'd all sing a song! It was so cute, people probably didn't mind that the kids didn't have the greatest public speaking skills. (Actually, on the day of the performance, the kids did way better than any of the rehearsals, and we could actually understand almost all the opposed to the rehearsals, where there was a lot of mumbling.)

I really shouldn't be so backhanded. The lack of public speaking skills made it that much more adorable. And the kids really did do a great job. And best of all! they did a great job singing! They sang their parts nice and loud, but not in a shouting type way. And all the songs were super cute. There were even a couple of piano solos by two of the older girls.

I sat at the piano most of the time, so I didn't get to see most of the kids' shenanigans as they struggles to sit still in the choir seats. Athena tells me one of the kids in her class saw his parents come in to the meeting and said, "That's my mom!" So cute♥

To reward the kids for doing such a good job, instead of having regular Sharing Time and Singing Time, we had Movie Time and Ice Cream Time. The movie was an animated version of one of the stories of Nephi from the Book of Mormon, and oh my goodness, Athena and I are so uppity. We weren't sitting together during the movie, but afterward, we got together and critiqued it.

And now we have a potentially complicated night ahead of us, since we agreed to help with the music for the youth fireside this evening. That wouldn't be a problem usually, but Gaston and Alice are coming in tonight for Mickey's Halloween Party tomorrow. I think as long as they don't arrive while we're at the fireside, things will work out.

Today I'm thankful for getting to be part of a wonderful Primary Program, not messing up any of my piano parts very badly, getting to have ice cream with all the kids in Primary, the scientific nature of eating Everlasting Gobstoppers, and getting a ride home from church.
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