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Today turned out not to be as busy as we had planned. I mean, we always knew it was possible that we would end up not having plans with people today, and we half-expected it, but we didn't expect to be so enraged when our half-expectations turned out to be right. The short version is we had plans to have lunch with people today, probably at Downtown Disney, but in the end they decided they'd rather not do that after all, so we were left at home with the sinking feeling that these people who supposedly care very deeply about us don't actually care about us even a little.

That being the case, we decided it was time to listen to our Magi CD. We knew it existed, and we kind of wanted it for the very important reason that Alibaba has an image song, and that means more songs sung by our beloved Yuuki Kaji. We finally decided that we were going to get it for sure when we realized that one of the popular love interest tropes in Harlequin romance is a sheikh, which means it would be very appropriate to have music from an anime based on the Arabian Nights to listen to while translating such Harlequin manga.

The CD came with our Kingdom Hearts 2.5, which is why we hadn't listened to it yet--it would take away from our Kingdom Hearts time. We couldn't just pop it in the CD player and let it play while we worked anyway, because we like to read along with the lyrics on the first listen. But! we were translating My Little Monster yesterday, and we realized we don't have that many CDs with songs sung by voice actors who are in the My Little Monster anime, and one of them is a Koe no Ouji-sama which means it's forbidden (to listen to during work). We have two CDs with the voice of Yuzan, but we keep forgetting they count, because Yuzan wasn't in this volume. And finally, we have a CD single with the voice of Haru, but singles aren't really good for building work momentum.

But! we remembered that Shizuku is played by the same actress as Morgiana, who also has an image song. So today we decided to finally listen to our Magi CD, so we'd be ready to play it the next time we're working on My Little Monster. But it's a two CD set, and we got the final "on second thought, let's not get together" message while we were listening to the first one (opening and ending themes), and that had us so upset that we were too distracted to listen to shiny CDs. So now I'm sort of venting online. Rar. Rar rar rar rar rar. (<--venting)

Oh right, we went to a Halloween party last night. It was fun and people liked our costumes. There were a couple of little girls from the Primary who were dressed as Tigger and Marie (from The Aristocats, although she hardly knew it), and we ended up hanging out together as the Disney cats. If only there had been a Cheshire Cat, too... We went through Spook Alley together--Spook Alley was pretty much a dark hallway with scary decorations, strobe lights, and kids and youth wearing scary masks and jumping out at people. Tigger (who was one of the beta testers, so to speak) had informed us that if you go through Spook Alley, you Will scream, and I admit that probably added to my determination not to, but I don't think I needed the help. It wasn't my first rodeo.

Then we got home with plenty of time to watch Castle and play Kingdom Hearts, both of which were very nice.

Today I'm thankful for having a good time at the Halloween party, having a shiny Alibaba song to look forward to listening to, having clean floors, getting to practice the piano, and having an adorable Anubis song to cheer us up right now.
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