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Aaand they're off!

Soon the non-work busyness will begin. Tonight is the ward Halloween party, for which we're planning to go as the cats from Lady and the Tramp. They're probably our least obscure set of costumes that doesn't require someone else to be in the group (like Gaston and the Silly Girls). Our second least obscure pair of costumes is Donald and Goofy, who are technically the most least obscure, but since they're the Kingdom Hearts versions of the costumes, the obscurity rating goes up. We do crave attention enough to play to our crowd, and we think our ward is not a bunch of gamers, and therefore the cats will probably be better received.

Tomorrow, we may or may not have plans to go to lunch with Mom and Steve. Kimee finally got her long-cherished wish of getting to take her friends to Disneyland for her birthday, but despite all our warnings, they insisted on going on a Saturday. Some nonsensical thing about not wanting to skip school. At any rate, all that means for us is that, since they're going on a day when our passes are blocked out, we will not be joining them. I don't know if Mom and Steve will be hanging out with Kimee & Co. all day, but I do know that they will be going to Disneyland as well, and if they're not too distracted by Disneyland, they might take some time out to meet us for lunch. They did invite us to join them for breakfast, but that would mean getting up at six in the morning, which is something we can't really handle at this point in our lives.

Sunday is the Primary program, when all the kids will be presenting talks and songs at sacrament meeting. Later that day, Gaston and Alice will arrive in preparation for Mickey's Halloween party on Monday, and either Tuesday or some day after that (details have yet to be finalized), we'll be going up to Fresno to join everyone for more Halloween festivities. We may not have a whole lot of time to ourselves until next...Sunday? I don't even know.

If we're lucky, we'll make it back home in time to catch the special annual passholder early screening of Big Hero 6 next Saturday. If not...I guess we'll wait until it hits theaters officially.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft of My Little Monster, having plans to go to the ward Halloween party, the ward Halloween party miraculously not conflicting with any of our other Halloween plans, it being almost time to eat a pizza, and finding all the Invisibles in Kingdom Hearts [chi].
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