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Let the costuming (finally) begin(?)

Today we decided it was time to finally get to work on costume accessories. Why the delay? Well, partially because of procrastination (making costumes, for some reason, is one of my least looked-forward-to activities; it's fun sometimes to think, "Oh! I could do something like this!" but then when it comes to actually making the thing, all motivation flies away), but mostly because of no money. We kept waiting and waiting for money to come so we could buy the stuff we need to make the things we want to make, but it never came.

It still hasn't come, but I scrounged around through some of the material we already have and found some things we can use to get started. I think we may still have to find a way to a fabric or craft store in order to finish all the accessories, but at least we'll have something started. I'm not entirely convinced we'll get them finished in time anyway, and I'm determined not to stress out about it...although the tension in my chest begs to differ, but I'm pretty sure that's because of more than just costume stuff. We have a lot to do from this weekend to the next one. I really don't think it will be the end of the world if we just go as normal cats from Lady and the Tramp instead of steampunk ones. We'll just be horribly shamed by the awesomeness of Alice's steampunk Lady costume (we haven't seen it yet, but they keep telling us all the cool stuff she's doing).

In the meantime, escapism. We're going to go play Kingdom Hearts now.

Today I'm thankful for finding things we could use to get started on costume stuff, finishing our translation of Say I Love You 7, managing to sign up for the annual passholder early screening of Big Hero 6 (even if the odds of us actually getting to go are not necessarily high), having a copy machine, and being surrounded by adorable kitties.
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