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Oh man, our schedule was totally shot today. The original plan was take care of a few odds and ends on the short job we did yesterday, then get back to our Say I Love You edit, which ideally would be finished a little early, workday-wise.

Unfortunately, the odds and ends turned out to not only take longer than we thought, but will potentially need to be fixed again tomorrow, after we hear back from people. Well, that's okay, we'll probably just finish the workday at our usual time and everything will be back to normal.

...Or not. We got an email from another one of our bosses about another quick project that needed doing ASAP. So we familiarized ourselves with the project, and then we emailed our boss back. By then it was almost lunchtime, and we were like, "Whatever, we're not going to work on Say I Love You for only half an hour, only to be interrupted by lunch and another project."

So we watched Akatsuki no Yona instead. I have to say, we're not really in love with the series, so we're really interested in hearing what makes it so appealing to other people. All part of my ongoing research about what people like in stories. To be fair, we did like this episode better than the first two.

Then we had lunch and eventually were able to get the files to work on this translation. It went super fast, so we're done with it already, and if we want to be really responsible, we could work on Say I Love You after all. But we're going to go grocery shopping instead, because that's responsible, too. And we need food.

But we're going to have to really get cracking tomorrow, because! one of our editors at Kodansha just sent us a nice, long schedule with lots of deadlines. They'd all be completely doable with no problems whatsoever, if we hadn't had weird productivity issues lately. Hopefully we'll get over those, because otherwise, we'll only have two weeks to translate Noragami over the holidays in December. And we still have Halloween costume stuff to deal with, and maybe a manga contest! ...We'll work it out. Probably.

Today I'm thankful for getting a shiny new work schedule, getting one thing taken care of today anyway, getting a new title to work on, the exciting prospect of having food, and getting to watch Sailor Moon R last night.
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