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Nephew stories

We were kind of thinking of skipping LJ today because we were worked up about something that we don't want to talk about here, and I couldn't think about anything else for a while. But now we have a few minutes to kill before Lux Up Time at Kingdom Hearts [chi], so I guess I could tell a couple of stories that might embarrass Logan when he gets older.

We were on the phone with family yesterday, and Sarah happened to be holding the phone at the time Logan decided he wanted to ask her something. The theory is that he forgot what, or that he hadn't figured it out yet, so he asked for the first thing that popped into his head, perhaps influenced by our phone call: "Mama, I want to call my aunts." Sarah gave him the good news that we were on the phone right now! and we could talk. No, he wanted to call his aunts. Well, Sarah refused to do that, because she was already on the phone with them, so after some brief whining, he asked for something else.

Later, he decided he was cool with talking to us on the phone after all, so he said hi. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of me talking about something else, and toddlers are kind of quiet on the phone, so we didn't hear him (of course I had the phone on speaker). I finished what I was saying, and Sarah informed me that Logan was upset because we didn't say hello back to him. I panicked and was all like, "Oh no, I'm sorry!" and I think Logan was amused by that, so he decided to milk it. All he would say after that was, "Bye!" in a very mischievous voice.

Then Sarah told us that she told him we would be visiting for Halloween, and he's excited about it. He already has an Iron Man costume that he tells everyone is Spider-Man.

Today I'm thankful for getting all our work done today, getting to watch another episode of Kokkuri-san, Page not trying to use the computer while we were using it, Sailor Moon R starting on Hulu today, and still having some chocolate from the Relief Society activity a couple of weeks ago.
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