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My hands smell like maple right now, and that is very happy.

Anyway, we were discussing our new camera a little earlier. Some of you may have noticed the complete lack of pictures that have been posted since its arrival. While it's probably true that we would be too lazy to upload any new photos that may have been taken, that's not the only reason. The main reason is that the refurbished camera didn't come with a memory card. We thought we could just use our old camera's memory card, but our old camera used a minidisk, and our new camera uses a microdisk. Arrrgh.

And so, despite having a very shiny new red camera to play with that takes HD videos and everything, we are unable to record ANYTHING on it. We thought we'd pick up a memory card at the Best Buy vending machine in Downtown Disney, but it was $40, and that was a little too rich for our blood in our current broke state. (I had to double take at that last phrase, because shouldn't it be "brokeN state?" Maybe, but "broke" in this context is not really the same as "broken," so I'm sticking with broke. The bad grammar sound just gives it character.)

So I don't know what it was, but when I sat at the computer about half an hour ago, I was hit with a new wave of, "Oh man, I wanna take pictures SO BAD!!!" So we started fantasizing about how we would finally get a memory card (we just remembered we still have some money on a gift card somewhere), and then we'd go to Disneyland just to take pictures. We'll take pictures of everything! Hey look, there's a thing over there! Let's take a picture! And then we'll start a new photo blog just to post pictures from our new camera. Here's a picture of our office fan! Here's a picture of the Ace figurine we still haven't taken out of the box!

And thus we were amusing ourselves. A photo blog probably will not happen, since we have absolutely no ambition of being photographers. We just like having pictures of stuff. But hopefully we'll get a memory card in time for the Halloween festivities, the first of which (for us) will be this weekend at our ward's Halloween party.

In the meantime, my hands still smell like maple♥

Today I'm thankful for the lovely scent of maple, remembering that we have partially unused gift cards, finding some fabric in my stash that can be used to make steampunk accessories, some girls from Primary saying they would miss us when we parted ways after church, and having lots of time to read neat stuff tonight.
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