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We finally looked up daiougusokumushi

I was thinking about LiveJournal today and trying to remember if there was anything of note that happened at Disneyland yesterday. There was a purple Skittle that came free with the Electronic Convenience Vehicle that Gaston rented, but we lost it because he traded that one in for a faster one (which had to be traded because it decided to refuse to ever go in reverse). There was the time we went on It's A Small World and, while we were waiting at the entrance for the wheelchair line to get shorter, a group of people came by with the type of cast member that goes around with famous people. But none of us recognized any of them, so we tried surreptitiously asking around the cast members to see if we could find out who they were. None of the Small World cast members knew, and when we caught the famous person guide alone, all she was able to say was, "Just guests of the company."

Anyway, while we were away from the internet, we got an email from the Manga Battle people, letting us know that it really is happening again this year. So we went to the website for more information, and there were a couple of details this year that made it extra special. First, we forgot that the grand prize was a trip to Japan, so we got all excited. Second, they have a new judge this year, and his name is Mr. Grumpy Translator. Okay, so that's not his real name, but that's what we've been calling him ever since the trauma he caused us back in '09. Of course, the trauma was caused by him judging us without actually reading our translations, and we're kind of of the opinion that if he actually did read our translations, he would only complain about them out of whatever spite caused him to criticize us in the first place. So this could be a chance to prove ourselves and win vindication! ...Or it could just be a miserable experience all around. (Only not really, because it would probably just be a matter of, "Oh, we didn't make it to the finals. That's dumb. Whatever.") So we're probably going to try it out if we're not too distracted by Halloween and Kingdom Hearts. But first we have to decide which manga to translate.

Anyway, I guess we ought to translate some more of those Banri Hidaka sketches. The next series starts here.
Yuiko: What do you like in your lunch, Mana-kun?
Mana: Anything, as long as you made it!
Yuiko: That...doesn't really help.
Mana: Anything!!!

Hidaka: He does have a reason.

Mana: All my lunches were made with Hina's, so I had a lot of cute ones.
Yuiko: So you had octopus hot dogs!!
Mana: My mom and dad got really into it.
Yuiko: Your dad?! Wow.

Mana: I was surprised the one time there was a giant isopod.
Yuiko: Gi...

Then we go back in time, and hear the story of little Mana's lunch.
Heading: Hina as a Preschooler
Kazuha: Hina really loves it when I make her cute lunches. What do you think about character lunches, Sugimoto? (Hmm.)
Book: Cute Lunches
Maki: The lunches you make now are very cute! Here, Hina-chan, Mama made you an octopus hot dog!
Hina: Eeeeeee! Papa, it's an octopus! (I love it!)
FX: Poing

Hidaka: The tale of the hot dogs.

Maki: And next, here's a rabbit your papa made!
Hina: It's so cute!
Maki: And here's a penguin!
Hina: I love it!
Kazuha:'re really good at this. (I could learn a thing or two.)
Maki: You can find how to make them on the internet!
Kazuha: I check the internet.
Maki: Look, look, Kazuha-chan!
Kazuha: What?

Maki: Next, I'm going to make a giant isopod! (Eeee! Who knew you could make something like that?)
Kazuha: No bugs. [Note: The word for "giant isopod" ends in "mushi," which means "bug."]
Maki: (What?) It's a crustacean...
Kazuha: No!
Hina: (What? A bug? Ewww...)

Maki: Crustacean...
Computer: Internet

Mana: Guess what, Mom. Remember the bug hot dog in my lunch today? It's okay, I ate it.
Arrow: Mana, Age 3
Kazuha: Sugimotooooooo!

Note: When Mana reports that he ate the bug, he uses the word "chanto," which basically means "I know this is the thing I'm supposed to do," so it implies, "I ate it like I was 'posed to."

For our last translation today, here's the finale.
Title: Giant isopod hot dog
Hidaka: My friend made one and sent it to me! The feet wriggle!
This is what Mana ate when he was three years old.

Arrow: Teacher
Teacher: Is that a giant isopod!?
Kid: What's that, Mana-kun?
Mana: Uhh... (A bug?)
Kid: Mana, is that a bug?
Mana: Yes...?

Tune in next time to find out how lunches went down in the Honjo family!

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time at Disneyland yesterday, not being too wiped out today to translate UQ Holder, getting to eat salted caramel peanuts, remembering another interesting thing that happened at Disneyland (we were hanging out at a quiet spot by the Matterhorn that had ducks; we were the only ones there, and the ducks knew that where there were people, there was usually food, so one of the ducks came by and Watched us; Gaston had his hand over the fence by the water, and any time he moved his fingers, she looked hopefully up at them; it was super cute, but kind of sad), and getting to watch a show at the Royal Theatre yesterday.
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