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Okay, so we just posted a picture of our Lady and the Tramp costumes to Facebook, and now I'm updating LiveJournal to distract myself from the nerves that came with doing that. (Why should I be so nervous? One of our friends liked the picture the very second it got posted. ...Okay, it might have taken three seconds, but it was ridiculously fast.) We might not even have done it if we hadn't run into our home teacher yesterday. Somehow the subject of Halloween costumes came up (oh right, because he was asking what the claws thing was about; we were having like three different conversations at the same time when this went down), and I said we don't have many ideas, and he said he had some, and I was like, "Did Athena tell you what the costumes look like (while I was responding to this other conversation)?" And he said no, and I figured knowing what the costumes look like is kind of important in steampunking them, so I told him I'd post a picture on Facebook. And now the sentiment is "Aaaaaaahhh!" only not quite as aaahhh as it was a couple of minutes ago. See? Writing helps!

Anyway, wow, I have a lot on my mind right now. After our very busy weekend, we decided we'd had enough eventfulness to warrant a day off of work. So, since...

Oookay, that got interrupted by a typo that somehow ended up right-justifying my text, and we were really freaked out for a second, so we had to stop and fix it.

Anyway, since we had extra free time from not working, we decided it was time to finally listen to the new CDs we ordered when we ordered Kingdom Hearts 2.5. Only we actually already had three of them since Anime Expo, so they'd been sitting on our desk for three months, not being listened to while we waited to complete the collection. That being the case, we started with those. The CDs in question are the songs that go with the Kamigami no Asobi anime, and I probably wouldn't bother posting about them except! for Balder's song. It's called HOLIC.

When it first started, I was looking at the lyrics and thinking, "Ugh, typical Balder." Then Athena pointed out that it was basically the creepy stalker song. He's all, "I don't ever want to let you out of my sight," and, "I'll put you in a birdcage, because you don't want to try to fly and get lost." (For thoughts on "typical Balder," you can see this entry, where we talk about his storyline in the game (with massive spoilers).)

And now I'm totally distracted because we just read our entry about Balder from when we played the game.

Aaaanyway. Last night turned out to be pretty busy, because the stake Primary president had called and asked if I could play the piano for some meeting they were having. Then, since it was at the same place, we figured we might as well go to the Break the Fast dinner before it. We amused ourselves with our own unenthusiastic reactions to eating grapes, and thought it might be a funny vlog: picky eaters eating "real food." We'd have to have a lot of bread on hand to make it all better afterwards.

We also found out that Anaheim has a Fall Festival! And we may or may not go to it!

After the dinner, it was time for the Primary meeting. Turns out, it was a "priesthood preview" meeting for all the boys in the stake who would be turning twelve in the coming year, as kind of a prep class for being ordained. It was a pretty neat experience, but nothing really worth reporting (unless somebody has questions about it).

What WAS worth reporting on was the cake. Since Athena, the Primary president, and I were the first ones at the meeting, she was telling us about various things (kind of in the attitude of, "and this is taken care of, and this is taken care of..."), and we were informed that for refreshments there would be cake. The cake had been baked for a friend's wedding, but the wedding got postponed at the last minute, so the baker went with a different decorating scheme and made it a priesthood cake. But, since it originally came from a no-longer-to-be-held(-at-least-not-for-a-while) wedding, we determined that it was a symbol of broken dreams, and from henceforth it came to be known among the two of us as the Cake of Broken Dreams.

We were way too highly amused by this, so we repeated the name whenever we got the chance, very insensitively failing to realize that friends and relatives of the postponed groom were at that very meeting, and we might be trampling around on a very painful subject. My only justification is that I didn't really think anybody was listening, because we hardly got any reaction (and we're used to being in settings where no one is listening to us but us).

Fortunately, we did eventually get a reaction, and it was positive. The groom's brother's wife had been listening to us talk all evening, and she thought we were hilarious. She especially loved the title "Cake of Broken Dreams," and repeated it a few times to her husband, who also seemed amused. It was at that point I finally realized oh snap, I've been a major jerk, and I apologized, but they were laughing when they said no it's totally fine. I'll have to remember to be more sensitive in the future.

(But I still think the Cake of Broken Dreams is hilarious. And delicious.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to listen to our new(ish) Kamiaso CDs, the cast comments that came on the singles for the opening and ending theme songs, delicious cake, having a lovely time socializing last night, and finally having temple recommends again.

EDIT: Arrrrgh, the post-it note on my desktop just reminded me that I forgot again! Banri Hidaka's been posting little extra comics on her blog. First, I wanted to point out that they were there so people could see them, and second I wanted to ask if people wanted us to translate them. Thoughts?
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