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So much to do...

Yesterday we had a moment of conflict when, still very much wanting to play Kingdom Hearts, we remembered that we really like Barakamon. We settled the matter by deciding to watch one episode, so as to keep the backlog from growing, and then get back to Kingdom Hearts. It's nice to have so many fun things to do. If only there were more time to do them in.

In fact, there's even less time, because we've been called in for some emergency babysitting tomorrow and Saturday. We're going to be at it for a long time, so we decided this time we need to get coloring implements! If anybody has any other good ideas on how to entertain kids, suggestions are welcome. I think maybe part of why we have such a hard time with babysitting is that our home really is not designed to entertain children, so everybody ends up bored. Except for the little girl, who can make up her own games.

That being the case, I think we're going to take full advantage of the fact that we finished work early today...and go play Kingdom Hearts. Or watch Barakamon. Or both!

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early today, tips that the baby brother is currently on a big Blues Clues kick, Page being super cute lying on a piece of green packing paper from CD Japan, cooler weather, and Crayola.
Tags: babysitting, barakamon, kingdom hearts

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