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"We'll just have to make them mune!"

We watched Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends tonight.

It occurs to me that I never mentioned how to pronounce +ANIMA. It's "plus anima," in case anyone was wondering. Tadah!

Our neighbors are playing kind of creepy music right now. Maybe they're watching a movie or something.

Karin is an interesting series. Haven't decided whether or not it's good, and the opening sequence has a lot of fan service, but it's definitely interesting.

All the main guys are played by voice actors who sound like members of Weiss but aren't, while their mothers are played by Sailor Soldiers. Okay, so that includes two guys and their moms, but we've only seen two episodes so far. And I was pleased with myself for correctly identifying Katsuyuki Konishi when he was sounding very much like Tomokazu Seki in a character that was reminding me of Kyo from Fruits Basket even though he looks more like Ichigo from Bleach (who, incidentally, we thought would be a Tomokazu Seki character).

I want to talk about Infinite Ryvius but I don't know what to say. As of the end of volume five, I can definitely see the Lord of the Flies thing. The best character keeps turning stupid (or revealing that they were stupid (and by stupid, I mean evil) all along) and being replaced by a new best character. I just hope they all come to their senses. The Japanese ads for the DVDs are awesome though.

And tonight I'm thankful for Cooro, Nana, Senri, Rose, and updates on the TokyoPop website. I'm thankful for Husky, too, of course, but I already said that a long time ago.
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