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It's back to work we go.

I don't know what it says about us right now that we almost had a fit over this really very silly thing in Say I Love You. See, there was a thing and they agreed to meet for it at three in the afternoon, but when Mei showed up, Yamato said good morning to her. We were like, "Good morning!? It's three in the afternoon!" And then he had an aside that was like, "Even though it's almost evening." And we were like, "No it's not! It's three in the afternoon in August!" And I almost started hyperventilating, but I think that was more for dramatic effect for our imaginary audience than anything else. Athena suggests that "yuugata" may be determined by actual time of day rather than the slant of the sun. I don't know.

Anyway...did I have something else to talk about? The main thing I can think of is that we keep seeing all these links to various collections of Disney fanart on Facebook, and we used to look at them but then we got annoyed by the artists' attitudes...which is really not fair because in most cases we don't even know the attitude behind the art, and it's just, "I don't agree with your interpretation! Rar!" I think it might be carried over from the set of "historically accurate" Disney fanart, which had a lot of commentary from the artist that made us very uppity.

But today we saw a link to a set of fanart of Disney's animal and/or anthropomorphic characters portayed as 99% human (they still have tails). Something about the thumbnails was incredibly appealing, so we had to take a look. And oh my goodness, the pictures are so adorable! (Okay, I admit that we are probably biased, because one of the reasons I thought, "Okay, I'll look," is that it said the artist was Japanese.) She captures the essence of the Disney characters so perfectly! It's amazing! What I really love about it is you can really see in her art how much she loves the Disney characters. Instead of a sense of, "Look at me! I can draw Disney characters!" it feels more like, "Look, you guys! Disney characters are so awesome!"

We checked the links to some of her art pages, and apparently she's a huge fan of Panchito (from the Three Caballeros). Her Deviant Art ID pic is enough to make anyone fall in love with Panchito, if you ask us.

...We need to watch The Three Caballeros again. But that would take time away from Kingdom Hearts. I wonder if the other two caballeros will ever show up in Kingdom Hearts. That could be interesting.

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on Say I Love You, helpful suggestions about cosplay material, said material being pretty inexpensive, getting to sing along with Polar Bear's Cafe songs, and our sing-along not taking too much time away from work.
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