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Cosplay and pictures

I asked this on Facebook, but I figured I might as well ask again here, just in case Facebook is doing one of its weird things that makes it so nobody can see what you post. For our cat costumes, we definitely want to do the metal claws thing, and we want it to look something like Vincent Valentine from FF7 or Cloud from Kingdom Hearts. So our very important question is this: what kind of material would be best for that kind of thing? Any and all ideas are welcome!

Now, speaking of pictures (which we weren't technically doing, but when you speak of cosplay you are indirectly speaking of pictures because what's the point of cosplay without pictures, right?), after an unsuccessful search for the old camera last night, I found our cat tails! Yay! That's one less thing to stress out about as far as Halloween is concerned.

But more importantly, this morning my attention was directed to something that looked like it might be the grocery bag where the old camera was last seen. I checked it out, and lo and behold, there was the old camera! This is very good, because I'm pretty sure the new camera didn't come with a memory card. So now, not only do we have a memory card for the new camera, we also have the last two pictures the old camera took before it was broken. Tadah!

So, without further ado, here is our old camera's final photograph:
Death of a camera

And to show everyone that I really should have seen the whole thing coming, this is the shirt the kid was wearing when I took it:
The lighting's not so good, so in case you can't read it, the shirt says, "I am why we can't have nice things."

...Still, I doubt the ordeal is going to stop me from letting our nephew play with our camera. More likely distance will do that. I am going to hope that he's a little less interested in my camera, or that his mother can easily distract him with his own toddler camera.

Today I'm thankful for finding the old camera, having a memory card to use, finally seeing the new camera last night (it's very shiny; we haven't played with it yet, though, because Kingdom Hearts), having some time to read Skip Beat!, and it now being time to play more Kingdom Hearts.
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