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Alethea & Athena
2nd-Oct-2014 05:45 pm
The winner of the race for our time today was...UQ Holder! Yay! I thought about saying "congratulations," but that seemed too self-important. As a matter of fact, UQ Holder! would have won whether Kingdom Hearts arrived today or not, so it's a good thing it didn't, because that would have been a distraction. We would have been all impatient to play Kingdom Hearts, which might have affected our translation abilities, at the best making it take longer (which would only prolong our own personal agony) and at the worst making us translate more poorly due to impatience to finish.

So it's really a very good thing that when we tracked our package this morning, it changed to say it was estimated to arrive tomorrow morning. That way, we weren't waiting for it to show up all day. And we finished UQ Holder! pretty quickly! I must say, we were not too happy when the zombie apocalypse started. I heartily dislike zombie stuff, so it was like, "Et tu, Akamatsu?" (Although we don't know him all that closely, so it should have been more like "Et [whatever the polite second-person pronoun is in Latin], Akamatsu?" But you get the idea.) Of course we should have seen it coming, because the whole series is about immortals and undead things and stuff. I think the lack of undeadness in the vampires lulled us into a false sense of security. (The main vampires in the Negima universe got to be vampires through magic, not dying.)

Fortunately, Akamatsu-sensei doesn't dwell too much on the zombies being zombies, and there's an unexpected(?) plot twist in this chapter! Gasp! So fans of the series can look forward to that. In the meantime, we got back to Missions of Love. We even made enough progress on it today that we could finish it! ...except that we have a Relief Society activity tonight, and the, "But we have to finish it before we go!" attitude would not help anything, so we'll probably save the rest for...maybe next week. Maybe later tonight. Maybe tomorrow if our package gets delayed again, or if we're feeling irresponsible tonight but especially responsible tomorrow.

Also, lyschan introduced us to Barakamon, so I wanted to mention it, because it's awesome and totally worth watching. Of course, as usual, we're always uppitily (<--adverb form of "uppity") criticizing the subtitles. They're accurate, just not the way we would do it. (I want to say "mostly" accurate, because there are some nuances that we're reading into the dialogue that aren't showing up in the subtitles, and in my mind that makes them less accurate, but 1)that's up for interpretation, and 2)"mostly accurate" implies that the translator doesn't have a fluent understanding of Japanese, which doesn't seem to be the case at all.) This time, it made us want people around to watch subtitled stuff with us, so they could see our thought process. But that brings with it the strong possibility of our guests being annoyed at us constantly talking over everything and/or pausing it all the time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on UQ Holder! today, getting to the Barakamon episodes with Kosuke, making good progress on Missions of Love, getting a surprise package (it was funny--we heard a noise, and Page ran away, which always means she's determined the sound to be by our front door, so I went to look and no one was there, but there was a package from Seven Seas, which was completely unexpected because we thought we already got the thing that we worked on from Seven Seas; apparently it was actually divided into two volumes, and now we have an open package with comp copies that have very risque covers lying on the floor for all to see (if we had any guests)), and being almost done (maybe completely done) with our to-do list before our new game shows up.
2nd-Oct-2014 10:07 pm (UTC)
I'll watch Barakamon with you and listen to your critique of the subtitles! (actually, that could work with all the series I read as a manga, since I'd be critically inclined toward the anime anyway (and would already be familiar with the material, so pausing to discuss wouldn't bother me).) I might have more difficulty listening to you critique the manga translation since it was my first impression (not that that always means I think translations are good—I've worked on a couple series whose translators did not exactly impress me. but this translator is someone I know, and I admire her work...) I don't remember many really blatant differences between the two translations (I haven't watched as much of the anime, or paid as close attention) but I do remember that in the first episode when Handa did his big 楽 piece, Funimation had it subtitled as ""ease, comfort, relief" and the manga had it as simply "fun," and I thought the latter was much much better, considering the whole story leading up to that point and the feeling I got from Handa himself. So there's my bit of uppitiness :)

Bummer about the delivery delay, but sometimes it's good to have those difficult decisions taken out of our hands :) I hope it'll be just as fun tomorrow as it would've been today!
3rd-Oct-2014 02:33 am (UTC)
Yay! Now if you could just get here...

Of course, we can type up stuff here on LJ, but that would require us to remember, and it isn't very nice to take notes of translations just so we can go somewhere and talk about what we think is wrong with them. That's why it would be better to just watch stuff together.

We agree that "fun" is a better translation for that character, especially in the context. We would probably try to find a word that sounds fancier but keeps that nuance, as opposed to the "ease, comfort" nuance. It's not an incorrect translation, but it doesn't quite work in context. Also, since it's a calligraphy piece, it really seems like it would be best to choose one word.

The one specific example I remember that brought up a whole discussion of translating was when Kawafuji asked Kosuke if he liked kids, and he said, "Tatemae-teki ni wa," which they translated to something like, "officially, yes." It's not technically wrong, but when I read the English version, I don't automatically think of the Japanese nuance, which is more like, "publicly, yes." "Tatemae" refers to the way you act in front of people, to get them to see you the way you want them to see you, whether it's who you really are or not.

And thanks! Unfortunately, we got a rush job, so we'll have to spend at least a little time working tomorrow, too, but hopefully not too long.
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