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Fall cleaning

Yesterday turned out to be a little bit busier than we'd planned. I mean, we were planning to go help clean the church, and we even saved time by buying groceries on the way home. But I guess we didn't plan on taking so long to clean our apartment. Not that it was a total disaster area, just that we usually only clean it in sections, and this time we wanted to clean a much bigger section all at once.

The reason this happens is that when summer rolls around, Gaston's Disneyland passport is blocked out, so we end up not having any visitors. The clutter in the office (also known as "the guest bedroom") piles up, because the last thing we want to do after a long(?) day at work is declutter the office. The funny thing is most of the clutter is not from work at all. It's from mail and babysitting and cat toys. But anyway, now that Gaston's pass is working again and he's tired of being kept from Disneyland by a little broken leg, he and Alice are coming down tonight, and we needed to make sure they had a habitable place to sleep.

So that took like all day, and then we had the General Women's Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which was a fantastic meeting as usual. There was a video of a group of girls from Korea singing "I Love to See the Temple" in Korean. It was so adorable. I was going to share a link to the video, but it seems it's not quite available yet. Unless you want to watch the whole session, which, as previously mentioned, is fantastic.

We also had to take time yesterday to do some musical composition. My reaction to doing anything of that sort is !!!!. I can recreate melodies pretty well, and sometimes I can even come up with chords, but we had to do some original composition. See, the choir sang today, and we did this song, where the children sing one verse, and then the adults sing another verse with a completely different melody, and then they sing both verses at the same time, as a counterpoint kind of thing. It's very pretty, and we love it to pieces, but the ending after the "third verse" is pretty abrupt. I mean, it's like nonexistent. The song just stops.

So, to give it more of a finale type feeling, we decided to have the choir repeat the last line of the first verse. But we needed to have some kind of a transition for the piano, so everybody could come in in a unified fashion. Of course, our first thought was that nothing like that would be necessary--just play it the way it transitions from one verse to another. But that wouldn't work because the line starts on a pickup beat, so we were afraid it would be even more abrupt than just ending the song. So we wrote a transition! Athena came up with the melody and I worked out a bit for the left hand, and hopefully it sounded nice to everyone.

As I mentioned, we performed today, and we both thought the choir did a great job. At Primary, we started practicing for the Primary Sacrament Program, where all the kids have a short speaking part and they sing a bunch of songs--it's usually one of the most popular sacrament meetings of the whole year because it's full of adorable children, but we've been pretty estranged from the whole concept for over a decade, going to single adult wards. But the point is, the Primary counselor directing the rehearsal mentioned the choir number and how beautiful everyone sounded, but children, try not to be so fidgety when you're sitting up on the stand. Ah, ha, ha. (Actually, I tend to be amused by fidgety children sitting on the stand. I think it's cute. But if they're all fidgety all the time, it's just chaos, so they do need to contain themselves.)

As for the Primary program, it's shaping up to be pretty darn cute.

Today I'm thankful for the choir performance going well, having friends come to visit, having plans to go to Disneyland tomorrow, getting to listen to our Koe no Ouji-sama version of It's A Small World right now, and having a very tasty looking caramel danish coffee cake to eat in the near future.
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