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Whew, we finished Say I Love You 6 and met all our September deadlines. Hopefully October doesn't turn out to be too packed.

But now, I want to talk some more about Mysteria. A little while ago, we played through the chapter with Jack Millers, who happens to be the only character Emily refers to by first name, including Sarah Marple. You'd think she'd at least call Marple by her first name, but no.

This chapter also happened to mention the series of gruesome, grisly murders going on in Whitechapel, but it didn't go into it much. Jack also happens to be from East End, near Whitechapel. In fact, he's the only student in Emily's class who commutes from East End instead of the right side of the tracks West End. But of course, that's no reason to be suspicious. It was really cute how Emily decided to make friends with him and everything. She bandaged up his mysteriously lacerated hand because he wouldn't wear gloves when handling poisonous plants in poisons class, and then she decided they should start writing letters to each other. The chapter ended with a brief letter from him to her, which thanked her for letting him use her handkerchief (as a bandage), asked her not to give him letters in front of everybody, and apologized for being a late reply. It was cute.

Then last night, we played the Lupin/Lupin chapter. Everybody's forgotten about the unsolved serial murders, because there's a gentleman thief, Jean Lupin, going around stealing jewels. (Jean Lupin, not to be confused with their classmate John Lupin. The former is French, you see, and is the son of the famous gentleman thief Arsene Lupin (who is apparently the grandfather of the famous Lupin III? so I guess that makes Jean Lupin the father or uncle of same).) Holmes, Jr. is pretty upset about the whole thing because people should not be praising a deliberate lawbreaker. Especially people training to be detectives!

Also, Holmes, Jr. just happens to have been called in to help catch Lupin, who has left a note that he plans to steal a certain necklace that night. But first, they have to deal with a copycat jewel theft that has already been committed. So he, Watson Jr., and Emily make their way over to the scene of the crime, and get lost. Fortunately, they run into Lupin--er, John Lupin their classmate, who has an adorable character design but has a really annoying way of talking. It's sooooo sloooow, and it drives us nuts. We can already read his whole line, so we get really impatient for him to get on with it. But he just always looks like a kicked puppy, so we hate to cut him off by skipping to the next line.

Anyway, LOOpin Lupin happens to know exactly where to find the house that Holmes, Jr. and company are looking for. He just happened to pass by the other day and remember exactly where that one very specific house was. So Watson, Jr. strong-armed him into showing them the way there, and after that, he was forced to hang out with them the rest of the night. Fortunately, he's very clumsy, and always dropping his detective ring, which gives him a chance to accidentally bump his head on stuff, thus rearranging evidence as well as giving him an opportunity to leave the room until he recovers.

Once again, I'm going to comment on the annoyingness of the way he talks. He's got this really breathy voice, and we were pretty sure that was why we were having such a hard time figuring out who plays him. It was frustrating, because something about it really seemed familiar, but there was no way to place it! And this despite the fact that he was talking in full sentences and taking forever to say them.

Holmes, Jr. gets just enough evidence to figure out that the case will be solved at the same time as the LuPAN Lupin case, so they all go over to Queen's House to work the case from that angle. On the way, they discuss Holmes' irrational anger toward LuPAN Lupin, and Watson, Jr. says something about how he's just upset because Holmes and LuPAN Lupin both have famous fathers, but people aren't always comparing LuPAN Lupin, Jr. to Lupin, Sr., like they are with Holmes, Jr. Someone suggests to LOOpin Lupin that yeah, we can only imagine how rough that would be, and he's like, "Uh...yeah... *shifty eyes*"

Things go on, and LOOpin Lupin gets himself knocked out by accidentally tripping the super high security booby trap set up around the decoy necklace (right after the police tell them exactly how it works), and later there's a big showdown when the LuPAN Lupin copycat comes along to do LuPAN Lupin's dirty work. Of course they were all waiting for him (except for LOOpin Lupin, who was recovering in the curator's office), and they corner him, so he grabs Emily and puts a knife to her throat, and then he gets shot out of nowhere (turns out that was Pendleton's doing; such a protective butler), and then we hear a voice! And he's talking at a normal speed and much less airily, and we're like, "Finally!"

This whole time, we've been waiting for the kid to take off his glasses and start using his real voice so we can figure out who's playing him (and because the slow talking really was annoying). And now he was finally talking normally, so we were able to go, "Oh! It's Kyoya!" From Ouran High School Host Club. He's also playing Zoicite these days, which reminds us, that last episode of Sailor Moon was dumb. But that's not important right now.

So LuPAN Lupin is now on the scene, and he takes Emily and flies away. Apparently he has a hang-glider. He gives her this spiel about how he loves beautiful things and something about how he was so annoyed about other jewel thieves not being beautiful and trying to use him in their not-beautiful thefts and blah blah blah. He said something about making it so Emily can't look at anyone or anything but him, and he was being a jerk, so we were like, "Nuh-uh!" and we both paused to look at the cat. But if he had been using his super cute pouty face, it might have been a different story. He let Emily have the earrings from the copycat theft because he wasn't after them to begin with, and he told her she could have the necklace, too, if she would close her eyes until he counted to ten. Well, I'm sure we can all see where this is going.

By the time he gets to 2 (he's counting down from ten, I guess), Emily realizes he's really close to her face, so at this point you can have her wait or open her eyes. You only get the still with him kissing her if you wait. If you don't wait, he lectures her for not keeping her eyes closed and promises he's going to steal her heart. And then he disappears, and Holmes, Jr. and Watson, Jr. show up. Holmes, Jr. looks at the necklace and declares it to be a fake. So not only did the stupid jerk trick Emily into letting him have her first kiss, he didn't even give her the necklace like he promised! (Although she remembered that he didn't technically say she could have the real necklace, just the one he took from that room.) And now Holmes, Jr. and Emily are both enraged and determined to catch the crook one day.

Then LOOpin Lupin comes back and is talking all annoying again. That's when I realized that the problem wasn't that he says the words slowly, it's that he keeps pausing between them, and for a really long time. It's kind of genius when you think about it, because in order to identify a voice (at least in my case), I need to have a continuous stream of speech to pick up on intonation and stuff, but the constant starting and stopping interrupts the identification process and makes it really hard to say, "Hey, he sounds a lot like..." Pretty sneaky, LOOpin LuPAN Lupin Lupin.

Then Emily said something nice, and he smiles at her, and his expression reminds her of something she's seen before...

Today I'm thankful for that fun chapter of Mysteria, finishing all our work for the day, being able to deal with the jury duty summons (from Fresno) without being sent to jail, having a new literary figure to look into reading about, and it being a little cooler today.
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