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These random things keep coming from your mouth

Finally! Finally we can talk about +ANIMA!!! We thought actually it might be okay back in July, because AnimeOnDVD said something about TokyoPop having it, but since the TokyoPop site said nothing about it and AoD tends to try to be sneaky about their information instead of getting it from official sources, and they didn't actually attend the TokyoPop panel at AX, we weren't sure. But now it's up on the TokyoPop site (volume 1 comes out in May!), so it's officially no longer a secret!

So anyway, back when we got a new boss, the first email we got from her was the one offering us +ANIMA. We did a little bit of research to make sure we weren't taking on something that we'd regret, but couldn't find a whole lot (it's hard to look up a series with a plus sign in the title, especially when the rest of the title is one word that's not all that uncommon), so we decided to trust our old boss (who was still showing our new boss the ropes and it was probably her idea to offer us +ANIMA) and go for it anyway. And we're really happy we did, because now we're in love with it.

Husky is a great character, even though we have no idea why his name is Husky. We both decided that if there were ever to be anything involving voice actors that he should be played by Akira Ishida, and I don't think it's only because he's a fish character that reminds us a little of Fisheye. His hair is actually like Sasuke's in Samurai Deeper Kyo. Maybe that has something to do with it. We wanted to make a wallpaper, but we had a hard time finding pictures. It probably didn't help that we didn't want to look at too many websites for fear of spoilers.

And! There's a character that has our birthday! This is the first character whose series we're actually familiar with who shares our birthday. His name is Senri, and he brings new meaning of the word "mukuchi (reticence)." Okay, so technically, since "mukuchi" literally means "no mouth," he doesn't bring new meaning to the word. All I'm saying is if you thought Mitsukake doesn't talk much, he's a real chatterbox compared to Senri. If the series were animated, Senri's silence would be a cause for great annoyance, because we like to hear our characters talk. His voice actor would have to be cast in another role so they'd have a reason to get him to come in and record. Or they could cast him like Mikey in Danny Phantom! A new voice every episode! But since we're reading the manga, it's actually pretty amusing that he really doesn't say anything.

And that's my rambling about +ANIMA today. There might be more when we get back to translating it, but for now I'm just happy to not have to keep this stuff to ourselves anymore.
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