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We technically ended up working late today, but only because we got a really late start after spending the morning playing Kingdom Hearts [chi]. They added new story last night, and we had to get through it! ...Okay, obviously we didn't have to, but we wanted to.

There are two things going on right now, and one of them is work, which I can't really talk about because of spoilers (although I guess I was pretty indiscreet a couple of days ago...), and the other one is the garage situation, which...I really just don't want to talk about.

So instead, I guess I'll talk about fan type things. We watched the season premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last night, and I must say, it's really annoying to type all those periods. But anyway, here are some thoughts.

The don't know how to describe it exactly. It's one of those shows that we don't really like but we keep watching it out of some weird sense of, "But we have to." Athena just said, "I think I like the characters, just not the story. At all," and I think I agree with that assessment. There is one character that I wholeheartedly do not like, not because I haven't forgiven him, but because the whole situation with him is just stupid, and once it got revealed, he became really annoying. Everything else that's happening is annoying, too. It's like...there's supposed to be a balance between yay-happy moments and boo-arrrgh moments, and there's not. I mean, obviously, you need conflict and stuff like that to move the story along--all happy all the time is only entertaining for so long. But when it's no happy any of the time, it's just tiresome.

So that had us feeling pretty blah, and to make ourselves feel better, we watched Nobunaga Concerto, which really helped! It was always a good show, and things were really heating up...and then it ended. And it was the last episode. We were watching the end sequence, and we were like, "Wait a minute, show. You're acting like a last episode. Stop it. Stooop iiiit... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" (Actually, that last part didn't come until we checked Wikipedia to confirm that it was in fact the last episode.) And of course the manga is published by a "Viz gets dibs" publisher. Not that we necessarily want to translate it anyway. That would be super hard. But also kinda awesome. We'd need to read Shakespeare or something to come up with a good way to render all the old-timey Japanese.

But speaking of challenging translations, we read another Noragami review today! It was the Anime News Network one, and the reviewer actually liked it! That was kind of a shock. So that was nice. She mentioned one of the notes being "amusingly self-deprecating," and I'm pretty sure I know which one she was talking about, but there's something about that description that gets to me. I mean, we did it on purpose, and I know it was self-deprecating, but I guess I was going more for "excessively modest"? Which I guess is self-deprecating if you want to be technical. So thinking about it, it's not really a bad way to be described, it's just weird, and so I felt puzzled. Or something.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch all of Nobunaga Concerto, making good progress at work today (despite our Kingdom Hearts detours), getting lots of shiny new cards in Kingdom Hearts [chi], new story in same, and Banri Hidaka posting photos of all the adorable gashapons she's getting.
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