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Today turned out to be way more packed than we expected. Mostly with work. We had to finish up that new project from yesterday, and then UQ Holder! came early, and we still had to finish our first draft of Say I Love You 6 because it's due on Monday and we're probably going to need two days for the edit and Gaston and Alice are coming down this weekend to go to Disneyland (probably on Monday). So we worked late today. Hopefully tomorrow won't be so packed, because I need to find time to tweak the ending for the song the choir is singing on Sunday. We should at least have Saturday, I think.

Last night we watched the last episodes of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Blue Spring Ride. We're starting to get the feeling that shoujo anime these days is mostly a long commercial for long-running manga series. Why are they all only twelve episodes long? Some of them don't even bother to try to come close to some kind of conclusion! (I'm looking at you, My Little Monster!) And then they end with a cute little montage of all the loose ends. Aww, how nice. We don't have money for all this manga!!!

That reminds me, we have to make a Kinokuniya order.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that first draft of Say I Love You, hope of having our garage problem sorted out, having crushed Oreos (minus the cream) and vanilla ice cream, remembering to make a Kinokuniya order, and Page not being on the laptop the whole time we needed it.
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