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The Flea Treatment (cont.)

Poor Page apparently was restless all night with that flea treatment bothering her. We couldn't stand to see her so miserable, so as soon as it was approximately 24 hours since we applied the treatment, we determined to wash it off. (The instructions say no baths until 24 hours after applying, so we assume that means baths are okay once 24 hours have passed. Even if it doesn't, we don't care.) Of course, that turned out to be a bit more of an ordeal than we expected, but Page was so good the whole time--she didn't struggle at all. Now she's hiding in the closet, and hopefully a lot drier than when we last saw her.

After the attempted cleanse, everything smelled and tasted like flea treatment! I want to say I'm glad we got the natural treatment, because I know that all the ingredients are something that can be found in food, but on the other hand, maybe the chemical treatments aren't so pungent. And the warnings on the natural treatment are just a little bit scarier. Whenever I held my hands up to my face, my eyes started to water, so I can only imagine how it's been for Page, having to deal with it on her for a whole day.

One concern we have is that of course Page tried to get the treatment off herself, and she has a little line of yellow fur where the flea treatment wasn't quite out of her tongue's reach. So I guess that makes two concerns. First, how would that turn her fur yellow? And second, is that reaction an indication that she's now going to die a horrible death by flea poison? She seemed pretty alert and upbeat last time we checked on her, so we're optimistic, with a grain of oooohhhhh nooooo.

In the meantime, we did successfully finish our translation of My Little Monster 6, despite all the distraction. I'm pretty sure the script was not adversely affected.

Today I'm thankful for the super delicious molten chocolate chip cookies we had last night (definitely getting those again in the future), getting to watch Ferngully last night (didn't really care for it, but we hadn't seen it in probably twenty years, so we wanted to check it out again), getting to (attempt to) wash the flea treatment off of Page, Page not being completely lethargic, and peanut butter trail mix.
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