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Alethea & Athena
Cat stories 
21st-Sep-2014 04:05 pm
Oh my goodness, poor, poor Page. Like, for real, not just because she's hanging out behind bars. We did a terrible, terrible thing to her. The other day, Athena noticed an unusual spot on her face, and when she went to investigate, it turned out to be a bug! Athena had to chase the thing all over Page's face to catch it, and she did and she flung it away! And she wanted nothing more to do with it.

A few days later, it happened again, only Athena didn't manage to catch it. We're not entirely sure how it got there, because Page never goes outside, but there are a lot of little animals all around our apartment, and we've had the windows open all summer. Anyway, the point is, when we went to the store yesterday, we picked up some flea treatment. Today we applied it, and now Page is mad at us. To the point where she was hiding out under Athena's bed, and then we went to hang out in the bedroom for a little while, and Page left. She wants nothing to do with us right now.

She was really good about it, though. Athena grabbed her to put the treatment on, and she didn't struggle at all until there got to be more and more treatment and it got to be more and more uncomfortable. And we got the natural kind, made with peppermint and some other essential oils, so the smell is very strong. So strong, I knew she had walked by our door just now because I caught a whiff of it. And she can't get away from it! Poor Page. We just really hope this helps her stop looking so disdainful of the world.

In other news, Athena had some fun discussion in her Primary class today. There was a visitor, who very quickly launched into the whole story of how she came to be in our ward's Primary today. Her parents tricked her, and said they were going to another city, without further explanation. They went to that city, then got on an airplane, and her parents told her they were going to climb four mountains (Space, Splash, Big Thunder, and the Matterhorn). And then she went on Ghost Galaxy (Space Mountain, Halloween style), and it was really scary. The ghost looked like a ghost from a PG-13 movie (<--hilarious and apt description). And the visitor went on it twice because of the baby swap program (if parents have a kid that's too young or too small to go on a ride, they get to take turns and the second one doesn't have to wait in line), and her mom said she was crazy to go on it twice, so, since Athena had said she would be going to Disneyland sometime soon, the girl added, "So you better not go on it!"

And all that leads me into our own Halloween Disneyland adventures. By which I mean, we're finally posting those pictures from last year. The pictures got posted in backwards order, and I'm too lazy to change it, so scroll to the bottom and go up if you want the proper order of things.

Halloween 2013
Finally, we had to make sure to get a picture of the secret Siamese cat hand(tail)shake.

Eventually, the photographers suggested that they touch noses in a doggy kiss kind of thing.

That may or may not be why Gaston started doing a jig. As you can see, Merida joined in. (Although it's possible she started it. This was a year ago; you can't expect me to remember everything. It might be in the report from last year.)

Merida's photographers loved our cat poses. They asked Lady and the Tramp if they had some dog poses they could do.

And here's the version where you see Tramp's expression more clearly.

I'm not sure what was going on here, but I remember Gaston telling me to take a picture. Something about Lady being completely apathetic to something, and the Tramp...I don't know if he's interested in her or in the skeleton or what.

We just had to post this picture, because this guy looked almost exactly like Johnny Depp. And I only say "almost" because, since he's not Johnny Depp (we think), there must be something that looks different. Maybe it's obvious and we just couldn't tell because we didn't have a picture of Johnny Depp on hand for comparison.

Found this guy in the Golden Horseshoe.

A less good quality version of the last picture, but I wanted to post it to give everybody an idea of what the Halloween lights look like on Main Street.

And now the Siamese cats are posing on the Main Street porch.

Main Street is the perfect place to take portraits of characters from the time period of Lady and the Tramp. We had to take this picture three times before we got a good one.

The latest incarnation of Belle's dress is really nice. Loving the velvet.

We're sure she was only late because she was trying to pull Belle away from her book.

Tiana, the only princess that made it to the Halloween meet and greet on time.

First, the obligatory group photo in front of the Partners statue.

Tadah! There you have it. Or there you will have it, after you scroll up.

Today I'm thankful for the lovely scent of Page's flea treatment, having a slightly better idea of how the LJ scrapbook feature works, having plenty of lovely dessert options for tonight, having a ride to church today, and being done looking through pictures of ourselves.
21st-Sep-2014 09:57 pm (UTC)
Oh nooo, Page got fleas?! That's soooo yucky (in an "I can relate" way, not "ew, how could you let it happen?!); I had to deal with it regularly when Finny was outdoors more, and now that I'm keeping him in year-round it's such a relief that I don't spend the entire not-winter season giving flea treatments and brushing and catching/killing them myself (I would've liked to use a natural treatment, but I couldn't find any at the store, and I wouldn't be confident in the effectiveness since the flea problem was pretty bad. but I really hated putting those chemicals on him and Josie...). I hope the treatment works well! Flinging the insect away after catching it on her face might not have been the best, but probably most people would be squeamish about catching it in the first place, so no criticism there. One thing you could do in the future (hopefully you won't have to any time soon!!) is plunge it under hot hot water (they're sensitive to temp extremes) and send it down the sink, so it doesn't have a chance to jump back on Page or get lost in carpet or even bite you. Might also be worth getting a flea comb to brush her every so often, so that if she does get fleas you can catch the problem early on. (plus brushing is a nice cat-and-person interaction time anyway :) )

Lovely pictures, and really great costumes!!! Yay, I'm so glad you posted them!! I so enjoy how you interpreted the characters into the designs and the fashion :D You're right, that Main Street area is perfect for photos with these particular costumes (I love the shot of you two sitting on the porch—just the place a cat would perch). And it'd be right for the steampunkified versions too! The retro-diner photo is also cute :D Oh, and I love the guy waiting on service(?) at the Golden Horseshoe! Hahaha.
22nd-Sep-2014 02:01 am (UTC)
We're hoping Page didn't get fleas so much as flea. Like I said, she never goes outside, so the idea of a whole infestation is just not fair. The treatment idea came because of a fortuitous conversation that happened at a Primary board meeting soon after the first discovery of the flea, which was not prompted in any way by a mention of fleas, but more of cats and hairballs. One of the Primary counselors has a cat that got hairballs so bad he couldn't get them out, and she realized it was because of over-grooming because of fleas, which she thought was just a little strange because he doesn't go outside much. She solved the problem with just the regular flea treatments and everybody was happy. Since Page goes outside a heck of a lot less than not very much, we're optimistic, even if the natural treatments are less effective (we live in Southern California, land of hippies and all-natural everything, so it's not too hard to find natural stuff at the regular grocery store).

As for the failure to destroy the captive flea incident, Athena made sure to relocate to another room and hoped the bug would die of starvation or meet a spider before its next contact with Page. Then she kept a close eye on Page to see if any further action would need to be taken. There were no signs of any fleas for at least a week after that. I kinda figure that if it is whole infestation, failure to destroy one flea upon capture wouldn't have made a whole lot of difference.

And thanks! We're glad you like the pictures! We still don't look at them too closely, but now it's more of a, "Ugh, I need to learn how to pose for the camera to get a better angle." The diner you mentioned is the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, also located on Main Street, so I think it's also a turn-of-the-century themed place. The floor does look like more of a 50's retro, though. The way they do the Golden Horseshoe for Mickey's Halloween Party is awesome every year! We so need to get a camera before we go to this year's party.
22nd-Sep-2014 12:21 pm (UTC)
What great costumes and fun photos. I hope the flee treatment works well and Page won't suffer too much.
22nd-Sep-2014 08:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks! And thanks, we hope so, too!
22nd-Sep-2014 11:35 pm (UTC)
This is probably not the news you want to hear, but... flea eggs can live in carpets for an astonishingly long time. I don't know if you guys have carpets, though. Are you sure it was fleas you saw?
22nd-Sep-2014 11:49 pm (UTC)
You're going to have to explain why that's relevant. Is it to say that maybe the fleas came from a previous renter's pet? Is it to say that the flea(?) Athena flung away could have laid eggs and those fleas will be bothering us for weeks to come? We did get more than one dose of flea treatment, which also claims to kill and repel ticks and mosquitoes.

On the optimistic(?) side, we're not sure it was a flea, because the one time it was in clear view it was flung away (as previously mentioned) immediately thereafter without any time spent to look at it.
23rd-Sep-2014 12:24 am (UTC)
Sorry, yes, I mean that it could have come from a previous renter's pet. Also, you'll need to treat your carpets. Luckily, there's this stuff called diatomaceous earth that's relatively cheap and completely pet and human safe and kills fleas. You sprinkle it on your carpet then vacuum it up. Leave it sprinkled in areas you can't vacuum, like under couches and beds. You'll have to vacuum two to three times a week for a few weeks, but that should get rid of any infestation that may be brewing.

You can get diatomaceous earth on Amazon, but seeing as you live in SoCal, the land of being able to get pretty much anything local, I bet you can find it locally. No idea what kind of store to look in, though.
23rd-Sep-2014 08:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks. We'll keep an eye on the situation and act as necessary.
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