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We have been busy little bees today, doing chores and everything. Currently, we are uploading pictures to our LJ scrapbook, but we decided to wait to post about them tomorrow, because photos are good for Sunday posts. And because they're taking forever to upload, and with all our busyness, we're always eager to move on to the next thing.

But anyway, last night we started playing Mysteria. Its full name is Eikoku Something Something Mysteria. Athena thinks it's "Eikoku Tantei" or "Eikoku Meitantei." The point is, it's about detectives in Victorian England, and it's a love sim by the same people who did Labyrinth of Grimm. It came out last year, before the fire at our apartment, and we've had it since before the fire at our apartment, but we're only just now getting to playing it, because we've been so distracted with Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Kamigami no Asobi. And work and anime. Anyway, we decided we needed to play a love sim because they can be a good way to de-stress.

Unfortunately, we're not getting off to the best start. So it starts out with your character, Emily Whiteley, getting invited to a party at Buckingham Palace, and *gasp!* something happens that needs solving! So they call in the detectives, because for some reason it's too difficult a case for Scotland Yard. And Sherlock Holmes was too busy, so instead they got his son, Elrock (or Erlock?) Holmes (we haven't looked at the spellings yet, because we're trying to guess all the voices, and character names in love sims are almost invariably paired with the name of their voice actors) and his assistant William H. Watson (the H stands for Hamish).

As soon as we found out what the case was, we could see why Holmes refused to make time in his schedule for it. It was boring and really shouldn't have taken that much deduction. Holmes only likes to take cases that interest him. This case was to find Queen Victoria's cat. At least they made it important to find the cat--it couldn't have caused an international incident if the cat was not found, because of politics. Emily ends up going with Holmes, Jr. and Watson, Jr. because she's the main character Queen Victoria knew her mother and was sure that Emily would be very helpful in tracking down the cat.

Turns out she really was, because while Holmes, Jr. stood around analyzing paw prints and discussing whether they came from a neighborhood cat or the royal feline, Emily had asked her butler Pendleton to get some catnip. Seriously, there were witnesses that saw the cat going toward Hyde Park--why did they waste so much time reasoning about whether the paw prints headed for Hyde Park belonged to the cat? Sheesh, just go to Hyde Park and sweep the area. Bring some of the cat's favorite food, for crying out loud.

They did point out that in England, most people have dogs so may not be that well equipped to deal with cats.

Anyway. So far, we've only really met Holmes, Jr., Watson, Jr., and Pendleton, and we're really eager to meet more characters, especially because Holmes, Jr. is really annoying in his, "Obviously I'm smarter than everyone else but I don't really have a clue" ness. On the bright side, it sounds like he's played by the guy who played Kaoru in Ouran High School Host Club.

But we have to wonder how he would even exist, considering Sherlock Holmes's complete disinterest in women, which the creators of the game must have known about, because they passed that trait on to his son. (And we're not saying that because he was a jerk to Emily (which he was), but because he specifically said to Watson, Jr. that he hates women, more than once.) I guess it's just a, "Don't sweat the small stuff," kind of thing. I do wonder if maybe the in-joke is that both Jr.s are the children of Holmes and Watson, because Watson, Jr. is tall like Holmes should be, and Holmes, Jr. is kind of an idiot like Watson. (Disclaimer: I'm in the camp that says Watson is not a bumbling idiot, but on more than one occasion in the books, Holmes compliments Watson on how his unique brand of cluelessness helps Holmes to see things from a different angle and helps him solve his cases.)

More likely, Elrock (or Erlock) is supposed to be the son of Irene Adler.

William is pretty cute. And the story is not very interesting so far, but we're hoping that changes. Labyrinth of Grimm was really good, so I have a hard time believing that Mysteria would not be at least good. It's fun to compare all the Sherlock elements to the books. That will be a lot harder with the other characters, because I think Holmes is the only British detective we're familiar with. Except for Basil of Baker Street, but somehow, I don't think he'll be in this game. (Not because I think they wouldn't put a talking mouse in this game, but because they already have the Sherlock Holmes connection.)

Today I'm thankful for getting most of our chores done, those chocolate chip cookies with the melted chocolate centers being on sale, getting to play Mysteria, having Page's favorite catfood again, and the person the food was accidentally delivered to taking it to the office so we could get it.
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