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Things ended up going a little late today, which I only bring up because there's talk of posting pictures, and I wanted to let everybody(?) know that we haven't forgotten! We're just really eager to move on, because there was talk of playing Mysteria today. So instead of pictures, I have cute stories about small creatures!

Now I may have mentioned long, long ago, that we have a spare bedframe taking up space in our apartment. Right now, we keep the top-bunk portion of it in the closet so it's not in the way, which is really only counterproductive because it keeps us from putting other things in the closet that may or may not be taking up more space. But the point is, the part that holds the mattress looks like prison bars. And the fun thing about that is that Page has discovered that she likes to hang out in the closet behind those bars.

So whenever we'd walk back to the office after a water break, I'd see Page behind bars, and think how fun it would be to post a picture of her with the caption, "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen." And today presented the best chance to get the perfect photo for it! Some of you may have already seen it, because Athena posted it to Facebook.

But! it was not an easy photo to get. See, Page has a habit of lying there with a look of disdain for the world and everything in it. And she was totally making that face! So I was like, "Now would be the perfect time to get that picture!" So Athena went to get the iPad, because right now it's the only thing we have that takes decent pictures. But when she got up from her chair, Page looked up! Noooooo!!

Well, that's okay, we'll wait. Eventually, she settled back into her melancholy position. Athena got up to get a good angle...and Page looked up again. And it was so cute, too, all innocent and, "Hey, what's going on?" All her disdain for the world was completely gone! And that makes me happy to know that she's probably not all grumpy all the time, but it really didn't work for the kind of picture we wanted. Cats are such fickle models.

In the end, we did get a good picture, but we realized too late that the lighting in the office was too dim to get one that wasn't kind of blurry. So Athena changed the lighting...and Page left her spot. (Of course, we're not photographers, so for all we know the lighting was not the problem. Maybe Athena's hand was shaking too much or something.)

The other story I have is much shorter. Mom called today, and we talked about stuff, including the other day when she got a phone call from Sarah. Sarah told her that Logan wanted to call Grandma. So she gave the phone to Logan who immediately reported, "Mama pushed me!"

Apparently Sarah was cooking and Logan was in the kitchen making things difficult, and when she asked him to leave he refused, so she physically turned him in the right direction and gave him an encouraging push. Unfortunately, the encouragement was not so much to leave the kitchen as it was to call Grandma and tattle on Mommy. Oh man, that kid is hilarious. Apparently he can also get milkshakes whenever he wants by calling Grandma.

Today I'm thankful for amusing stories about small creatures, eventually getting a good picture for our purposes, making decent progress on work, having a fan! (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. we have a fan now; life is good), and having plans to play Mysteria tonight.
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