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He's just that good.

Zidane can apparently protect girls even in his sleep. I want one.

I knew we'd be up past midnight. I didn't know we'd be up this late though. That's what happens when you're wandering around Alexandria and you run into a moogle who wants you to deliver a letter and you think, "Finally! I know what to do in this sidequest!" And then you spend hours looking for moogles because you didn't have the foresight to write down all of their names and where they hang out as you went. That would have been neat too, having our own moogle directory that we made ourselves. Oh well.

On the bright side, we got a few steps closer to accomplishing my dream of having Quina actually learn all the blue magic, for which I am grateful. I'm also thankful for home-baked cookies, ovens, the purple afghan, and being able to make it to stake conference this morning.
Tags: final fantasy ix, zidane is awesome

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